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Basak Barlas

Est. 2016

Elegance and comfort is what all women seek when they are filling their wardrobes. Nowadays, with fast fashion dominating the industry, it’s hard to find pieces that are of good quality and will last a lifetime. 

This is what designer, Basak Barlas set out to do when launching her brand. Her aim was to provide women with clothing that they can wear on a daily basis, focusing on jackets. It’s not often that you find jackets that you can wear from work to party, but that’s what Sorbé’s jackets are. They are classic, timeless pieces that are made to the highest quality, with different cuts that blend both masculinity and femininity together. 

Sorbé liberates her women with three different jacket styles. 'The Masculine Feminine’ - for the women who use double-breasted models for the style and simplicity; 'The Gentle Women’ - made with silk satin fabrics for an easy transition from work to a night out; lastly 'The Timeless Lady’ - classic jacket designs to appreciate the timeless elegance, it is the best piece of investment all women can add to their wardrobes. 


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