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Enjoy Our Worldwide Shipping & Free Gift Wrapping Service 

Enjoy Our Worldwide Shipping & Free Gift Wrapping Service 

Payment Methods

Which payment methods do you accept?
Visa Electron
American Express

Which currencies can I shop in?
Once you select your shipping destination, your local currency will be displayed at checkout.

Will I be required to make separate payments for each item I order?
No, you will only make a single payment no matter how many items you order.

How is my personal information and payment details handled?
All purchases made on Curated-Crowd are processed and handled exclusively through Snipcart, a third-party provider. Snipcart uses the highest security standards, so you can shop without any concern. You can find out more here. All data managed by Snipcart goes through their servers and is encrypted by their SSL / HTTPS certificate. All presented data is encrypted; it cannot be intercepted or read by a third party.

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