Edward Mongzar

Beautiful, ethereal and gentle - Edward Mongzar’s marbled collection. Handmade to perfection, no one piece is the same.



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Wear Stories

Fashion has become a commodity

Styles are copied and reproduced in bulk, disconnecting us from the design and production process. This industrialises creativity and creates clothes that may look good, but offer nothing beneath the surface.

Curated Crowd is different

We bring you fashion with depth. Every piece that you find here will have a story: whether it’s the unusual background of the creator, the inspiration behind the design or the groundbreaking way it’s made in. We are redefining how we think about value in the industry, less about thoughtless trends, more about timeless meaning.

To us, fashion is art

Every piece has its own story. We invite you to come and build your wardrobe as a gallery. Through selecting key pieces, learning about our designers and in turn funding their growth, you too become a part of our fashion story.

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