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Maria Leoni Sceti

Est. September 2018

Before speaking about business woman and creative entrepreneur Maria Leoni Sceti who founded the brand, we must first learn about Sonia Petroff. Sonia was a highly respected accessories designer in 1950’s to the 1980’s. She was a vivacious and bold woman, an independent trailblazer far ahead of her time, who gained notoriety with her RTW designs for Valentino, Balmain and Nina Ricci. After her death in 2015, her entire 800-piece archive had been left within the inheritance to her nephew Elio and his wife, Maria Leoni Sceti. 

Maria, who has spent months going through the archive that has been entrusted to her, was enthralled and inspired and wanted to bring Sonia’s vision to light and life again. Deeply inspired by Sonia’s style and design, the designs consist greatly of vibrant colours and various forms of nature. When worn, her designs are a uniquely glamorous statement that can be worn at any occasion. 

Sonia Petroff, for the first time in a limited edition capsule collection, has been presented by Maria, the vision that sustained the work of Sonia for the past four decades. 


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