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Victoria Hope Lyseggen

Est. 2019

Neon Hope was born with a sunrise, and founded on a belief that every day holds new promise. 

British design, London style. Neon Hope is about more than protection from ultra-violet rays, and more than just a cool-girl look. They believe in the power of the sun beyond its glare; as a source of nourishment and vitality, and as a force that helps us to grow. It’s the inspiration behind their ethos, and the muse to their designs. 

Accessories designed to wear through the day, and carry through the night, Neon Hope is for those who break the mould on a daily basis, who rise with attitude and authenticity no matter what. 

Designer, Victoria Lyseggen, always knew she wanted to make something she could touch. It took a breath-taking sunrise to inspire what that might look like. Neon Hope was created on a beach, at 6am, the day after her wedding. Having successfully made some sunglasses for the guests, most of whom were still celebrating in the sea, the path ahead suddenly became clear. On returning to London she left her technology start up to start this adventure. The combination of constant renewal, personal style and fierce beauty characterises a company that is as concerned with how its customers feel as how they look. By serving the whole picture and person, outside and in, it is a holistic approach to fashion and aesthetics which elevates Neon Hope, and makes up its founding principles.

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