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Lemuria Store

Est. August 2021
University in Dublin

Orlagh created Lemuria in 2008 after suffering from an accident. A few days post the incident, Orlagh decided to stop by a small crystal shop on her way home from her university in Dublin. At the time, she knew nothing about crystals or their advantages. She picked the crystal she was most drawn to, and after sleeping with it beneath her pillow, she awoke feeling comforted in a way she hadn't experienced since the injury. As a result of this,  Orlagh spent 13 years studying the therapeutic properties of crystals.

She decided to launch the Lemuria store with the goal to provide the most exquisite healing crystals to her clients by meticulously sourcing all of the products. The crystals are derived from small, independent producers all over the world in an ethical and sustainable approach. Natural healing energies from the sun, moon, and oceans are stored in Lemuria crystals, which are naturally mined from the soil. Crystals interact with the body's chakras when they are placed or held over the body, enhancing overall health on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Lemuria pledges to offer the best items on the market while retaining bespoke customer service. Everything from palm-sized healing crystals to larger bespoke home pieces can reenergize your space, and add significant unique natural beauty. Each piece is hand-selected for its aesthetic appeal, individuality, and most importantly, its energy. 


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