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Citrine Cluster

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Citrine is a variety of quartz that ranges in color from pale yellow to golden brown. It is found in a number of locations around the world, including Brazil, Uruguay, and Madagascar. Citrine has long been prized for its beauty and is said to have a number of metaphysical properties. It is believed to promote optimism and joy and is thought to be helpful for manifestation and attracting abundance. Citrine clusters are particularly popular among those who practice crystal healing, as they are believed to radiate positive energy and promote harmony. Citrine clusters make beautiful decorations for the home or office, and can also be used in meditation or placed on the body during energy work. Citrine Cluster is known for attracting financial abundance, prosperity, and success. It also encourages generosity and the sharing of good fortune. Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination and facilitates the process of transforming dreams into reality. Citrine is an excellent stone for recharging and regenerating. Known to be highly beneficial for chronic fatigue and eliminating disease. By connecting with Citrine, you can harness the energy of light & sun, which acts as a source of positivity energy. CLEARING| BRIGHTNESS| POSITIVITY Chakra: Solar Plexus Size: 10- 8cm Weight: 60g Origin: Brazil


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