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Christian Azolan

Est. 2020
Ravensbourne College of Design

Hailing from the small Indian Ocean island, Mahe, in the Seychelles, Christian Azolan is a visual digital artist known for his ability to capture graphical emotional details, Christian pushes boundaries to merge drawing and illustration into a new visual art form. 

Completing a degree in Fashion Design at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, (joining previous alumni's such as Stella McCartney and David Bowie), he quickly entered the corporate arena, working for large global companies as a brand marketer and branding specialist. 

Having been thrown into disarray and confusion at the start of the UK pandemic lockdown in 2020, Christian decided to take the leap and pursue a full-time career creating and telling visual stories and ideas through his art. His main source of inspiration comes from people, environments and nature. His new limited edition series titled 'The Birds' was released on 22nd October 2020 - it plays on the themes of freedom, fantasy and escapism in flight, against the backdrop of the ongoing global pandemic.


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