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Meghan Griffiths

Est. 2020
Studio Jeweller's New York

Inspired by the texts of The Mabinogion, a collection of ancient Welsh mythical folklore, Angharad pieces are handcrafted from reclaimed precious metals, using lost wax casting and smithing poised to undertake their own unique narrative. Angharad embodies the ancient sentimental value and importance of jewellery as a storytelling artefact.

Having spent the past 7 years living in multi-cultural cities like London, Sydney, New York and Copenhagen, immersing herself into different cultural environments, designer Meghan Griffiths was drawn back to her Welsh roots in the UK and set up her brand, Angharad, in 2020. Handcrafting her pieces in the midst of beautiful countryside, it is this environment along with her past travels that continue to motivate and inspire her designs every day. 

Creating a brand that keeps sustainability at its core, without compromising creative freedom and quality, has been a priority from the beginning. Angharad Studio continues to handcraft jewellery using mostly reclaimed gold and silver in order to keep environmental impact to a minimum. Combining traditional crafting techniques with a conceptual design approach, Angharad Studio embodies an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless.

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