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The Jacket that Fits All - Sorbé

Sorbé our newest Curated Crowd member is killing it with her signature jackets and coats. What inspired her masculine feminine designs? Come discover more with us in this exclusive interview with designer Basak Barlas.


q: Where does the name Sorbé come from? a: The name is based entirely on the memory of my family and I having sorbé at the end of every meal. I've always loved it, that feeling of something sweet after, the cherry on top, the icing on top of the cake, which is what I thought a jacket should be. It shouldn't change your outfit, it should compliment it and make it better. q: Why did you go down the route of designing jackets, blazers, coats and belts instead of the traditional route of clothes? a: I found a gap in the fashion market. I couldn't find a high quality, handmade double-breasted jacket while searching for one, so I decided to start my own line. Jackets and coats are also my favourite piece of clothing to wear, hence why I decided to focus on this. I feel like focusing on one specific piece makes the outcome better. q: What makes your designs stand out from the rest? a: Definitely the use of our quality fabrics and tailored designs. They are all produced in limited quantities in Italy, so our customers feel extra special when they make a purchase. q: Can you tell us a little bit about your design process? a: Before any designing starts, I think about whether I would wear it or not. I base most of my designs on what I would personally wear. It has to be comfortable, easy to wear on a daily basis and of course, stylish. I try and use the same design but switch it up a bit with colours and patterns. q: If you could wear one of your designs for the rest of your life, which one would you wear? a: I'm definitely a 6-button double-breasted jacket and cigarette trousers kind of person. If you see me on the street, that's what I'll be wearing most days. q: What's next for Sorbé? Are you going to branch out or stick to your signature jackets? a: We'll definitely be continuing our jackets and coats range for now as it's our signature design and an integral part of the company. If we were to branch out, it would probably be dresses. The type of throw on, ready-to-wear dress that you can just head out in. q: Why did you decide to work with us? a: You are a very modern, cool, chic and fast-turning concept store that is serious about promoting new and emerging designers to the fashion world, and that's just what we were looking for! q: How have you found working with us so far? a: Very enjoyable! Everyone is very helpful and friendly!

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Military Denim - £300

Sorbé was founded by Basak Barlas in 2016. She aimed to create a brand that is elegant and sophisticated, something that is hardly found nowadays in the fashion industry.

She was always obsessed with jackets and outwears, so she thought the best idea was to create ones that she would wear herself. Her aim was to provide women with clothing that they can wear on a daily basis.

It’s not often that you find jackets that you can wear from work to party, but that’s what Sorbé’s jackets are. They are classic, timeless pieces that are made to the highest quality, with different cuts that blend both masculinity and femininity together.


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