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Take A Chance With Chance Mystère

Chance Mystère is all about taking chances and exploring the mysteries in life. So why not delve into this interview with us as we uncover what they're about and what makes stand out.


q: Who first came up with the idea of starting your own brand? a: Before stepping into the fashion business, Chloe worked in the financial industry back in Hong Kong. She then decided that her real passion lies in fashion. To pursue her dream, Chloe gave up her career in Hong Kong and graduated in Fashion Management at London College of Fashion. She founded Chance Mystère during her studies at LCF, which was for a uni project. She always had a special love towards well made premium exotic leather products and created Chance Mystère to learn more about the industry and wanted to create a brand that gave people a better understanding and appreciation of exotic leathers. She then met Jacky who is always curious about how things were made and how it aged. Jacky soon realised that the longevity of a product was based on great craftsmanship and the use of high quality beautiful materials, thats how he fell in love with everything bespoke, handmade and hand stitched, being part of Chance Mystère combines all of those, which he is passionate about. Thus together they created the workshop to give people the experience of making luxury handmade leather products with the concept of finishing the product in the space of a day. We built this company to give people the opportunity to stitch their very own product using only the best premium quality leathers available. Every stitch is created with passion which makes the product all the more special when making a gift for a loved one. q: What is the meaning behind the name ‘ Chance Mystère’? a: Take a CHANCE, Life is a MYSTERY. We take chances in life and encounter problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all, experiences to enjoy because in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take. q: How do you go about sourcing your materials? a: We source all our leather from renowned suppliers in Europe, especially from France. Different kind of leathers have their own specialised and top suppliers, and we work closely with all of then to make sure the materials are ethically sourced. All our exotic leathers are CITES certified. q: What is your design process like? a: We keep our designs very simple and classic because we believe that the beauty of a product should come from the luxury of materials used and great craftsmanship that goes into every product made. So it should last for a life time and age gracefully with the owner who buys our products. q: For those who don’t know, can you tell us how you can customise and even make your own product? a: Chance Mystère Workshops provide a platform for our clients to personally experience the production of our leather products. We offer an entirely interactive workshop where clients can be guided through the process of hand-stitching the product which they have chosen to make. The workshop service provides different options and flexibilities to the client: 1. Client can choose from our existing products and customise the colours and leathers. 2. Client can slightly alter the design based on our existing products with their choice of leather and colour. 3. We also accept a fully bespoke service for special requirements. (All products can have hot stamping personalisation service. Our workshop time frame completion of a product can be finished in one day. A fully bespoke product can take anything up to 4 weeks.) We believe this experience is a great gift idea that provides sentimental value to each product made. q: What do you think sets you apart from other brands? a: We only use the highest standard of materials to match our superb craftsmanship. For other well-known luxury brands who can maintain this level in the industry, the price tag will hold people back, especially if they want to customise it for loved ones. Our workshop service allows for customers to participate in the production process and complete it in one day. As a meaningful gift, to maintaining the brand’s high standard, is also inseparable from our exquisite preparation procedures before the workshop class. Our clientele understands luxury leather goods and are also familiar with the textures of high-end exotic leathers. For them, the product standards and services we provide fills the gap in the market. This is why, since the brand was founded, it has been relying on word of mouth from old customers and returning customers to customise gifts. q: Where do you wish to see the brand in the next 5 years? a: We have a dream to one day be located in central London on a luxury shopping street to help better our brand recognition and provide our services to more people who have a love for well made luxury products. We hope to also make people more aware that well-managed and sustainable trade in wildlife has proved to be an effective incentive to conserve.

Designer Spotlight - Chance Mysteère

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What better way to give someone a gift than to make it yourself! Chance Mystère gives you just that - an opportunity to create something unique and personal for the ones you love, or even a treat for oneself.

Chloe and Jacky, the founders of Chance Mystère are both talented young people who are down to earth, but born with high expectations and ambitions in life, and are determined to make Chance Mystère a success, and we are happy to be a small part of their journey to help them along the way.

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All their materials are sourced from renowned suppliers from Europe to ensure that they are of the best quality and that they are ethically sourced as well.

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The most exciting aspect of their brand is the fact that you can create your own design and make everything yourself! You can pick and choose what colours and materials you want to use, then you can join them at their studio in East London where they will teach you everything, from stitching the leather together to personalising your message! What more can you ask for? It can also be used as an experience for you and your partner or friends to do together, it would make for a great day out.

To find out more about personalising your own leather product or attending a workshop, please reach out to us at

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