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Chance Mystère

Est. 2015
University of the Arts London

In 2015, Chance Mystère was born. Founded by Chloe Chan and Jacky Do, it is a London-based premium leather brand that focuses on exclusive high quality, distinctive, one of a kind type of hand-made goods. At Chance Mystère, they are committed to making every single step of their production precise by handcrafting the products with the finest leather.

While seeking to keep the tradition of saddle-stitching alive, the young and creative minds behind the brand, Chloe and Jacky continue to develop and discover new ideas to incorporate innovative and trendy elements into the classic and timeless designs. By employing the time-honoured production method, their products are the perfect integration of simplicity with a wealth of connotations.

Chance Mystère is a young brand with a lot of dynamic and energy, hence it will not be rigidified into a fixed mode. Instead, they hope to continue growing the brand over time through various encounters, be it between different designs, or between the brand and its customers. 

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