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A New Dawn - Neon Hope

Nailing the summer sunglasses trend is a very tough cookie to crack, but Neon Hope manages to do it with such ease, creating intelligently designed sunglasses and bumbags that will last you a lifetime.


q: Why did you name your brand ’Neon Hope’? a: The brand was inspired by the sunrise and hence neon for the colour of the sky and hope for the new day arriving and the opportunity it holds. q: Can you tell us a little bit about how the brand came to be and why you decided to go with designing sunglasses? a: My background is tech, having worked in tech for 10 years I wanted to create a physical product, something you could touch and feel. Sunglasses seemed a good option as is small, unisex and instagramable. I tested out making sunglasses for my wedding and it all went smoothly so I decided to do it. q: Having travelled and lived around the world a lot, what is the thing that inspires you the most? a: I think travel brings lots of adventure, you never know what is going to happen and I love that. I think meeting new people and having new experiences inspired me the most. q: How would you describe Neon Hope in 3 words? a: Fresh, fun and uplifting. q: Why does every woman need a pair of NH sunglasses? a: To feel special and because she can choose how she wears / styles them depending on how she feels that day. q: What is your design process? a: It’s very practical. I wanted to make something new, that works with a on the go lifestyle. q: First sunglasses, now the bumbags, what’s next for Neon Hope? a: I think there maybe more leather goods on the horizon. q: What has it been like working with us so far? a: Curated Crowd have been amazing, it makes such a difference having a physical store in which people can go and see and try on the products.

Designer Spotlight - Neon Hope

'Everyday holds new promise', that is the belief that Neon Hope follows.

Neon Hope was conceived by coder turned designer Victoria Lyseggen on a beach during a sunrise the morning after her wedding. She wanted to create a brand that offers more than just a cool-girl look, and more than just protection from ultra-violet rays. She believes in the power of the sun beyond its glare: a force that helps us live and grow. The sun acts as the inspiration behind the brand and the muse for all of her designs.

Victoria hopes that her designs will inspire; she wants people who wear them to feel fierce, confident and fearless against change; just as there is always another sunrise, there is always another chance.


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