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Find the Hidden Gems - Soul Sia

'Our soul, your story.' - The motto behind Soul Sia. Find out more about the designer behind this beautifully elegant brand.


Designer Spotlight - Soul Sia

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Soul Sia is one of the latest additions to our Curated Crowd family and we're proud to have them on board! Their jewellery collections are divided into themes: Gold Chocolate, Caviar and Spider Silk, each one has three unique designs within them, including earrings, chokers, rings and bracelets.

Inspired by everything that she is surrounded by, Soul Sia designer Anastasia is very passioate about her work and produces extremely high quality designs. She wants the women or men who wear her designs to not only feel their absolute best, but also feel empowered when wearing it.

Although they've only been in the shop for a bit more than a week, a lot of our customers have already expressed interest in their products! What's even better, is that they're offering 20% off their signature Gold Chocolate Collection!

Come with us as we delve into the mind of Anastasia, a genius designer who perfectly combines 'the sharp mind of a man and the creativity of the feminine vision’ in all her collections.

'It’s all about striking a balance in life and in what you do.' - Anastasia Pulavska

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The Caviar Collection : Caviar Earrings - £950 ; Caviar Choker - £4600 ; Caviar Ring - £1100

Curated Crowd: Where did you come up with the name 'Soul Sia' for you brand?

Soul Sia: 'Soul' is what I put into our business; 'Sia' is a part of me, part of who I am.

For me, business is something more than just creating a product or providing a service, it is an extention of myself. It gives me an opportunity to express my individuality, my creativity, allowing me to grow, learn and develop existing skills. It is a huge part of me, which is my Soul Sia is part of my 'soul'.

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Gold Chocolate Ring - £456 (RRP £570)

CC: What inspired you to start your own jewellery brand?

SS: When I was young, my father used to always bring pieces of jewellery from his travels abroad for my sister and I. This sparked my interest towards jewellery design. I started drawing and creating from then.

When studying entrepreneurship, I started understanding how to transfer my ideas and skills into a growing business. Jewellery images in my head became clearer, and soon we made them into collections. I understood that I wanted to express myself through the brand, which would ultimately reflect my passion for entrepreneurship and my creative vision.

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The Spider Silk Collection : Spider Silk Earrings - £1490 ; Spider Silk Choker - £2380

CC: What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to designing?

SS: I can find inspiration in everything; by talking to friends, exploring cities, nature, philosophy, history, paintings, any sort of art, and meditation.

For me, inspiration is a constant flow, I never know when or where it'll come from. When creating our signature collection, GOLD CHOCOLATE, I was meditating and an image popped into my head of jewellery dipped into gold, frozen. During the process of designing this collection, our graphic designer always used to say that it looked so tasty, like sweets wrapped up beautifully in gold. That's how he inspired me to name the collection GOLD CHOCOLATE.

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The beautiful, elegant boxes that your Soul Sia jewellery comes in

CC: What do you think sets Soul Sia apart from others in the industry?

SS: Our small, uniquely themed collections are one of a kind. Each with its unique branding and visual presentation. Each collection has a their own story, style and logo.

We often associate collections with specific places. Gold Chocolate reflects Paris, due to its elegance and romantic design. Caviar is assocaited with the business vibe of London, due to its empowering design. Spider Silk is associated with Kew Gardens, due to its tenderness and tie with nature.

Each collection has hidden elements with natural rubies, often placed in logos, which unite each collection. This is something made just for you, something only you would know. For you to feel more special and unique.

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Gold Chocolate Earrings - £1024 (RRP £1280)

CC: Each of your designs have a hidden ruby in it. Why is it important for that element to be incorporated?

SS: Rubies are a sign of love, it represents the love and dedication that we put into each piece jewellery. Our main focus is the attention to detail and the hidden rubies are a small hidden element through which we promote a sense of individuality.

CC: You have three different themes so far in your collection, which one is your favourite and why?

SS: The Gold Chocolate collection is my favorite since is classy, elegant and timeless. We were able to achieve a unique visual effect, as if each gemstone was dipped into melted gold and then frozen.

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The full Gold Chocolate Collection

CC: Are there more new designs coming soon that we should know about?

SS: A lot! The Kaleidoscope collection, Ice collection, which will be very classy and feature rare cut of diamonds. As well as the Decadence collection. Other collections are also planned for early next year, which are Valkyrie, Honeycomb, Rainbow.

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Shop the full collection here.

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