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Soul Sia

Est. 2018

Soul Sia was created with the intention of setting out on a journey, an adventure without knowing what will happen or where they will end up. They appreciate the beauty of exploring the unknown, an adventure that started with a small but peculiar idea. 

They wanted to create jewellery that reflects your mood, feelings and individuality. Their designs are complex, but is actually very simple and elegant when put into perspective. As said by the designer, ‘Soul Sia is a reflection of two beginnings: a sharp mind of a man and a creative feminine vision, a fusion of duality symbolised by Yin and Yang.’ It’s all about striking a balance in life and in what you do, and hopefully by wearing their jewellery, it’ll help you tell your story to the world.

All collections are designed in different styles, but are united by hidden elements and natural rubies, our soul.


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