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Dreaming of Paradise - A Perfect Nomad

APN bringing you designs that you can bring with you on every adventure, satisfying your wanderlust cravings. What's the story behind it?


Designer Spotlight - A Perfect Nomad

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To The Moon And Back Cotton - £210

"Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell." - Paula Bendfeldt

Travelling and exploring are two of the most important things to do in life. Designer, Frances Clark, would definitely agree to that statement. Being a nomad herself, she believes in leading a life where you are carefree and free-spirited, while at the same time taking a careful approach in protecting our planet.

Through creating her label, A Perfect Nomad, she brings to you luxurious, organic and ethical resort wear collections reflecting the life and aesthetics of the bohemian traveller. While at the same time, spreading the essential values within its threads, protecting our earth, caring for our people and making a positive impact through its charitable projects.

Come with us as we discover her journey through life and how A Perfect Nomad was created!

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Sayulita - £175

Curated Crowd: Where did the journey of your brand begin?

Frances Clark: A Perfect Nomad was born from my love of travel, living a slightly nomadic lifestyle and my permanent quest for perfect holiday pieces. I lived in London for many years but have always seeked out experience over normality, preferring the excitement of change and drawn towards the bohemian creative culture that exists elsewhere. I spent many summers in Ibiza and winters travelling through India, collecting kaftans and handwoven fabrics. What I realised is that I never came across resortwear that i loved in organic fabrics.

This is where the concept for A Perfect Nomad began, I wanted to create a brand that pulled together my passions for bold bohemian design, natural artisan fabrics, and conscious consumerism. I didn’t have a degree in fashion or years of experience in the industry, but I had a strong vision of what I wanted to create and the fact that I wanted to add value to the world in doing so. A Perfect Nomad was hence born.

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Syros Silk - £330

CC: Why did you call it ‘A Perfect Nomad’?

FC: For me ‘A Perfect Nomad’ is more than a name, it is my philosophy. A way of travelling around this earth, looking good and doing good in an effortless and paired back fashion. Living life on your terms with no geographical boundaries. The APN lady is a conscious free spirit, a strong and soulful woman.

CC: Being a nomad yourself, what are the favourite places you’ve travelled to?

FC: India is a special place for my family, it is where I met my partner and is where we spend a lot of time both travelling with our baby boy Django and creating my collections with my artisans in Jaipur. I am forever inspired by the rich colours and crafts of Rajasthan and the spirituality of the North.

Other favourite places in the world have to be Holbox in Mexico, North Kefalonia in Greece and Neil Island, a tiny island in the Andamans where you can live in a beautiful beach hut for just £3 a day, wifi is non existent and life is stunningly simple.

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Essaouira- £310

CC: Which destination has inspired you the most?

FC: Ibiza is our home and is where the creative soul of the brand really lives and breathes. The island has a special beauty and freedom that celebrates individuality and creativity. This is where my designs begin.

CC: Of all your beautiful designs, which one would you choose to wear everyday?

FC: I would swirl around in the silk IBIZA kaftan everyday if I could, it is the most versatile, simple yet luxurious piece. I wore it on the beach throughout my pregnancy when we were living barefoot in a coco hut in Sri Lanka and months after my son Django was born to dinners in Ibiza.

It is 100% organic peace silk, so light and soft and just makes you feel effortlessly elegant with zero fuss. I love the bold and forgiving silhouette of our one size pieces.

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Essaouira Red - £310

CC: Conservation and protecting the planet is so important to you, how do you run your brand by these values?

FC: It is essential to me to create my brand with consciousness and love at its core. We must all take responsibility for the future of our planet and acting from a place of kindness to both our environment and people is everything. I carefully select the best GOTS certified organic fabrics I can find and am involved in every stage of the production process to ensure best practice and fair employment. I also give 10% of all my profits to run a girls school in rural Rajasthan.

I believe that the way we are consuming is changing and i think that every new business needs to have a transparent and ethical supply chain at its heart.

CC: What would be the one piece of advice you give to people who are trying to give back to the environment?

FC: Consume less. Buy to last.

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Essaouira Cotton - £220

CC: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

FC: Find your own authentic voice and stick to it. Don’t sacrifice the person you are just for recognition or acceptance. You want to see yourself everything you create. Be kind to yourself and never stop in your pursuit of magic.

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