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10% Off First Order When Sign Up To Our Newsletter

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Frances Clark

Est. 2018

She embodies the essence of a conscious wanderer, a soul seeker, and a perfect nomad, adhering to the belief that a lifestyle and aesthetic should reflect an individual's free-spirited approach to life and a thoughtful consideration for our planet and its inhabitants. Frances is drawn to places brimming with magic and energy, calling Ibiza home where she designs from her studio while nurturing her family. Inspired by the rugged elements of her surroundings and a desire for a slower-paced life filled with simple pleasures and a profound connection to nature, Frances believes Ibiza is where her creativity flourishes most. At the heart of our brand is a commitment to timeless design and environmental consciousness. Our collections prioritize quality and longevity, striving to positively impact the lives of those we touch. A Perfect Nomad ensures ethical practices through a transparent supply chain, collaborating closely with small artisan communities. We preserve and celebrate traditional techniques such as handwoven fabrics, hand-dyeing, and block printing. With a deliberate and mindful approach to design, we introduce seasonless styles in carefully selected fabrics, minimizing the use of synthetics and plastics in favour of beautiful organic natural fibers that are gentle on both our skin and the planet.


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