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Designer Spotlight - Alexandra Kaiser: Creator of "Forever Treasured Pieces"

Meet our latest designer on board - Alexandra Kaiser. Not only is she a fashion genius, she is also a strong advocate for changing the way fashion impacts the environment.


Designer Spotlight - Alexandra Kasier


Alexandra Kaiser is one of the latest additions to our Curated Crowd family, and we are proud to have her on board. Not only is she passionate about designing timeless, artistic pieces of clothing, but she is also a strong advocate for changing the way fashion impacts the environment. To minimalise the waste, all her garments are made-to-order, creating treasure box collectables with each piece.

To introduce her properly to you, we did an exclusive interview with Alexandra herself. In this interview, we discover the ins and outs of what happens behind the scenes, from the inspiration behind the brand to what helps her put ideas onto paper. Her full collection is now available on Curated Crowd, so feel free to have a browse and pick out a few pieces for yourself!

ALEXANDRA KAISER_Celeste Jumpsuit_201811789.jpg Celeste Jumpsuit - £725

Curated Crowd: What inspired you to be a designer? When did this passion start?

Alexandra Kaiser: I’ve always been a creative person - since I was a child. I used to spend the entire day drawing, or moving furniture around in my room every 2 weeks, just because I loved creating new angles and changing the whole appearance and aesthetic of my surroundings. I always found it super exciting how an object and its ever changing positions can influence your mood and vice versa. To create and to “form“ something with my own hands was always a need and a want, it came natural to me. When I got older, I became increasinly drawn to fashion, it was a great way to express myself and to create something new out of a feeling - which is always the basis for my creations.

ALEXANDRA KAISER_Cecile Dress_201810391.jpg Cecile Dress - £595

CC: What are your essentials when designing?  

AK: A clear mind, a warm, tidy studio, fabrics, coffee and music.

CC: What is the inspiration behind the brand? 

AK: The freedom and joy in creating something new, something artsy for everyday life, as well as combining it with a sustainable and ethical approach in manufacturing it. Creating quality pieces which last a life time and are special to the consumer, making them feel special while wearing it.

ALEXANDRA KAISER_Chelsea Jumpsuit_Lookbook AK003.jpg Chelsea Jumpsuit - £645

CC: Where do you see the company progressing to in the next few years?

AK: I am open to whatever opportunities that come along and am very excited for the future!

CC: Describe your personal style in 3 words?

AK: Edgy, sporty-elegant, functional.

CC: Any predictions of upcoming trends for AW18?

AK: I think it will be about diversity, extremes and contrasts, no matter the style, colour or shape. As fashion is art, and art being the expression for social movements, I think we will be able to see these interpretations and reflections of current events reflected on the runway. 

ALEXANDRAKAISER_Camille Dress_201811465.jpg Camille Dress - £595

CC: If you had to choose an artist that inspires your fashion, who would it be and why?

AK: I don’t have a particular artist who inspires my work - at least not on the creativity side of things anyway, but in fact on how to build a business with a strong mindset, seeking a more sustainable approach in the industry. I like to create pieces which develop 'themselves' rather than through an explicit input from other artists. I would actually say that it is my surrounding and mood that influence my designs the most. At the end of the day, all your own experiences and observations in life will, in some shape or form (and probably, unconsciously) be mirrored in your designs.

CC: Any upcoming events about the brand that we should know about?

AK: Not as of yet, but be sure to stay tuned in case anything does!

Shop Alexandra Kaiser's full collection here.

ALEXANDRA KAISER_Coraline Dress_201810492.jpg Coraline Dress - £595

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