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We are now offering free shipping during October for orders above £150! 

We are now offering free shipping during October for orders above £150! 

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Alexandra Kaiser

Est. 2016
AMD Hamburg and Frankfurt School of Clothing and Fashion

Born in Cologne, Germany, and educated in Frankfurt and Hamburg, Alexandra launched her eponymous fashion label based in London in 2016. Driven by her passion for timeless, artistic designs and concerns for the environmental impact of fashion, Alexandra creates made-to-order garments for women stepping out of the loop of fast-fashion and longing for a piece which embodies true quality and longevity. 

The highest level of craftsmanship is at the heart of her collections. Alexandra excels in dress and pattern-making, so the shape of each piece is of the utmost importance. She excludes fur and leather from her collections because of animal welfare concerns, and manufactures all of her pieces in London, using high quality fabrics sourced from Europe. 

A note from Alexandra: “We share a social responsibility to take note of the way we interact with our environment. I want to produce something that is a fashionable piece of art yet sustainable and inspire others around me to embrace the movement.” 

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