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Designer Spotlight - ACCHITTO

Meet Francesca and Elena, the faces behind ACCHITTO. How did they come up with this idea to create such innovative jewellery, designed with their own ACCHITTO mechanism? Find out more in our interview.


Designer Spotlight - ACCHITTO

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.52.37.png ACCHITTO's collection of rings and earrings

Introducing two Italian women who started ACCHITTO- Francesca Richiardi and Elena Faccio. They have created a brand that is both innovative and a statement. Bold and head-turning is what comes to mind when one wears their jewellery. Drawing inspiration from historical periods such as the Victorian era and the 20s, ACCHITTO has created a visionary world that is populated with esoteric characters, making their jewellery unique and exquisite.

Join us in our exclusive interview with Francesca and Elena to find out more about how ACCHITTO came about and what inspired them to design these amazingly chunky and trendy jewellery that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.51.18.png Aequor Square Earrings - £290

Curated Crowd : How did ACCHITTO start?

Francesca & Elena : We met in Fendi's style office back in 2016, we were working there at the time as fashion designers. During that time, we would talk about creating something on our own for a while and at the end of our experience we decided to try and start our own brand.

Even though we came from clothing design, we were both very passionate about jewels, especially vintage jewels. We wanted to create a product that leaves a statement, that unites our different aesthetics, that breaks down the barriers of the traditional jewel, giving space for an innovative products unlike the status quo. Our aim for ACCHITTO was to make it a complete brand, which includes accessories, clothing, and in time, furnishings and objects. It will have to be set up not only as a fashion brand but as a lifestyle proposal too.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 11.13.39.png Armilla Bracelet - £1350

CC :What was the inspiration behind your jewellery designs?

F&E : For us what is really important is researching in historical archives. Our pieces are characterized by careful studies and the continuous research within the historical archives of ancient artefacts. History, for us, is the basis for the construction of a vanguard product that can last over time. Our designs take inspiration from artifacts that came from the Victorian age to the 1920s. Curves and edges harmonize with each other in the various pieces of collection, framing the presented characters.

Also, being Italian, we treat our traditions with the highest respect, therefore we decided to revisit the images of Sicilians and Venetians Moors and redesign them completely with a modern take. These faces belong to different subjects: men, women and hybrids that tell the different aspects of their personality, from luck to vanity, from courage to love.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.51.57.png (Centre) Woman Moor Ring - £140

CC : Looking at your Instagram, you guys travel a lot. Does that inspire you for new ideas in designing?

F&E : Travelling is everything for us. It helps us stay openminded and be inspired by new elements at all times, like subcultures and trends.

Through travelling, we are able to participate in different fashion fairs, constantly discovering new trends, researching and making contacts with different people in the industry. It also help us understand how our designs are perceived in different countries by various consumers.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 11.14.46.png Aequor Wave Earrings - £270

CC : What was it like receiving the LVMH graduate price? Tell us more about your experience.

Francesca: I could start by saying that it was a completely unexpected victory, because it completely overwhelmed me and it was my biggest achievment. Winning the LVMH graduate prize has given me confidence in myself and the strength to make my dreams come true, to follow what I really wanted to do. Now, I'm hoping that the future will lead us to other goals with our brand Acchitto.

CC : It’s 2019 now, is there anything new coming up in the pipeline that we should know about?

F&E : We expect 2019 to be great! We have so many projects in mind and we can’t wait to get started and tick everything off our list. We are designing new collections and products constantly, and we really hope that we will able to do very interesting collaborations to explore even more of what we are doing right now, especially with magazines and stylists.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 15.07.21.png (Left to right) Aperio Greatfull - £210 ; Aperio Coeurage - £210 ; Cor - £130 ; Aperio Ama Me - £240

CC : London fashion week is coming up as well, are you planning on attending, or showcasing your work there?

F&E : We have been attending many fashion weeks during the years. For the time being we have nothing planned for London fashion week, but we’d really like to attend with our brand, also to see different collections presented by some of our colleagues.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 11.15.16.png (Centre) Lover Moor Gold - £95

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