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Est. 2018
IED European Institute of Design, ISTITUTO MARANGONI, School of Fashion, Art & Design, Accademia Costume & Moda

ACCHITTO is a contemporary Italian jewellery brand founded by Francesca Richiardi – LVMH Graduate Prize Winner 2016 and her partner, Elena Faccio. The two met whilst working at the Roman Maison, FENDI Group. After multiple work experiences in different fashion houses, they have decided to launch their own line of jewels, with its craftsmanship and industrial production entirely made in Italy.

Their label is led by the desire to create a product that combines their personal aesthetics, to break down the barriers of the traditional jewel, giving space for an innovative product unlike the status quo, merging with the fashion accessory. ACCHITTO is also a technology, an experimental study aimed at creating a new mechanism that allows the interchangeability between the various pieces of the collection. 

ACCHITTO is the popular word for “dressing up with particular refinement, noticed, at first sight”. They have created a collection of standout pieces with a historical inspiration that looks to the future: it is the epitome of wearable art. 

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