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Attracting Positivity with Marmari

Marmari was founded by Nouran Elmarmari, and her jewellery designs are a sight to behold. Inspired by art, family history and nature, what else can she tell us about herself and her brand?


q: What does jewellery mean to you? a: Jewellery is a powerful tool of self-expression. Looking at my jewellery box always makes me happy, as it reminds me of happy moments, major achievements and different phases of my life. Jewellery is captivating because of the stories each piece tells. q: Your jewellery is very much inspired by your Moroccan and Egyptian heritage, as well as your family history and childhood. Can you tell us a favourite story from either history or your childhood that has inspired you? a: I will never forget my 12th birthday. As a birthday present, my grandmother gave me a ring and a necklace from my grandfather’s collection, a family heirloom. Then, my father and his family started sharing stories about my grandfather and his jewellery business. One of the stories was that after a fight, my grandfather designed a necklace for my grandmother. My aunts wanted the same one, so he made a small version for each one of his 4 daughters. Until today, they all still wear it. I, unfortunately never got to meet my grandfather as he passed away when my dad was only 15, but it felt like a bond between us had formed through jewellery. q: Your designs are very unusual, what is your thought process behind the creations? a: Every piece has a story. It all starts with an inspiration, it could be anything, a painting, a thought or even the functionality of an item. Then, I create a story around it. What kind of women would wear it, what does she do, what inspires her…etc. My pieces have a mind of their own. So, I let the stones and the story lead the way. After that, it’s up to every woman to make that story hers. q: What designers inspire you and influence your work? a: Maria Grazia’s undeniable talent and constant redefining of femininity through her designs; Zaha Hadid, Stella McCartney’s modern and sustainable approach and many many more. Art is a major inspiration for me. I could stare at Van Gogh’s Starry Night forever! Olaf Hajek's dreamy, intertwined and detailed paintings are beautiful and there are many hidden elements. Frida Kahlo also inspired me to stay true to myself. q: In three words, describe Marmari. a: Positive, fun, empowering. q: Spreading positivity and celebrating nature is a huge part of your brand, why is that? a: I believe that what goes around comes around. Every piece of Marmari has a big dose of positivity - it’s my way of empowering women and reminding them and myself of how special we all are. I also had a very tough phase in my life where my health was declining, it took few years to figure out what was wrong. I was in constant pain. Designing jewellery was my way to empower myself to stay strong for a better tomorrow. I simply wanted to pay it forward by empowering others. When I held a geode in my hand for the first time, I knew that designing jewellery was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! Nature supplies us with endless inspirations of colours, forms and beauty. I believe that celebrating nature and protecting it is the only way forward, especially with what’s going on in the world today. q: Where do you see Marmari in 5 years? a: I see a flagship store for Marmari!

Designer Spotlight - Marmari

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Mix Matched Shell Enamel Geode Earrings - £3390

Marmari is the perfect mixture of history, family heritage and art inspirations. Designer, Nouran Elmarmari, has combined all of these elements and put them into unique, extraoridinary designs. Nouran creates symbols of inspiration through her jewellery, brought to life in the physical form through the powers of gemstones and fine metals.

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Large Floating Star Pearl Necklace - £1000

Her first collection, which is now available on Curated Crowd (online and in our pop-up), is inspired primarily by astronomy. Her main source of inspiration comes from Vincent Van Gogh's statement, “I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.” She most certainly succeeds in mixing that concept between reality and dreams, along with a hidden element of surprise.

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