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Wires Glasses

Est. 2016
Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands | Ravensbourne University, London.

Wires Glasses is a genderless eyewear brand handcrafted in Italy, using stainless steel wire for the frames and 3D printing for the lens rims, producing a minuscule amount of waste in comparison to conventional eyewear manufacturing. The first collection of Wires was actually handcrafted by a small team of artisans in Harare, Zimbabwe, using the African wire craft tradition. They then designed a patented invisible hinge to allow the glasses to fold, and they are now handmade by eyewear specialists in Northern Italy.

The brand has sourced a bio-nylon derivative from the castor bean for both the 3D printed rims, and all of the sunglasses lenses, including a wide variety of colours: pink, blue, green, orange, brown and grey. 

The inclusive designs have been developed to suit any face for any occasion, and break the conventions of sustainable eyewear, being ultra comfortable, lightweight and durable.


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