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Ayperi Kutuk

Est. 2016
Bilgi University | Istanbul, Turkey

Having studied Media and Communication Systems at Bilgi University in Istanbul, there was a turning point that gently steered Ayperi Kutuk to pursue a career in a completely different direction than her original trade. She has always been deeply intrigued by fashion. However, by witnessing punctilious productions of leather, due to the nature of the material, has led her general interest in fashion to an irresistible fascination towards leather apparel specifically. 

While taking an interest in leather, she noticed that leather apparel nowadays is quite restricted in terms of styles and colours. This restriction was the final trigger that convinced her, once and for all, to work exclusively on leather garments, with a mission to create a novel approach so that it can be designed, manufactured and displayed in a broader scope. She then started creating her brand, The Ruf that focuses mainly on crafting fashionable yet timeless leather pieces that are timelessness.

The Ruf - casual yet trendy, the fashionable leather apparel to go for.

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