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Oscar Phillips and Sheriff-Deen Showobi

Est. 2018
We don't have a background in design, but we've always had a love for quality and style

Hailing from Hackney and Camden respectively, Oscar Phillips and Sheriff-Deen Showobi are two Londoners with a desire to create something. The seed was sowed with a chat in the haze of a day party, then a chance meeting with an eyewear collector watered it. Oscar Deen Eyewear started when they realised that frames straddle both style and fashion, that they never went anywhere without their sunglasses. 

They travel to many markets, alleys and antique stores in Europe, finding the vintage gems that inspire their current collection, and meeting different people who inspire their aesthetics. It’s this mix of old style and new thinking, that they bring back to their workshop and put into each pair of ODs. 

Every pair of OD frame starts with scouring the streets of Europe to find the best frames that form the basis of all the designs. They spend weeks, sometimes months re-designing, modernising, putting their own touch on the frames they’ve found. Turning a dusty old gem, into their idea of a modern classic. The final touch is then making the frames from hand with a Mazzucchelli acetate finishing. Their tinted lenses are made from lightweight CR-39 plastic and coated for proper UV protection.

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