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Esma Azzouz

Est. 2020
Business and Fashion school in The Netherlands

The high-end womenswear brand Maison Azzura was founded by contemporary fashion designer Esma Azzouz. In a vibrant environment, driven by her passion for the fashion industry and entrepreneurial energy, Azzouz established her business in 2020. With a degree in Business and Fashion under her belt, she assembled a group of devoted industry professionals, including skilled artisans who have been practicing their craft for many years. Although Esma was raised in Amsterdam, she incorporates elements of her Moroccan heritage into her designs. She believes that staying connected to your roots is essential for maintaining a sense of self. She is constantly inspired by dreams, travel, and the arts. Every one of her creations has a unique narrative that is communicated through clothing. 

The brand approaches its collections with a sustainable mindset by utilizing the best materials and perfecting the production techniques for each design. Due to their timeless aesthetics, the hand-made garments last a very long time, allowing customers to enjoy them for a lifetime rather than just a season. The ready-to-wear and couture collections from MAISON AZZURA are renowned for their bold, yet elegant silhouettes with cutting-edge details. The designs are a reinterpretation of the classic feminine tailoring, which translates into a chic, sophisticated, and everlasting article.

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