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10% Off First Order When Sign Up To Our Newsletter

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Lina Saade

Est. 2021

Introducing Lina Paris, a unique jewelry brand born from Lina's love for travel and the fascinating tales of the cities she has explored. A native of Beirut, Lina developed her passion for fashion and jewelry while studying and working in London and Paris, with her most recent experience at the renowned Boucheron.

Lina's Jewelry is a testament to her passion for adventure and her keen eye for detail. Each handmade piece represents a cherished memory of a place she's visited, capturing the distinct stories and charm of each city. Through her designs, Lina shares these narratives with the world,  allowing the wearers of her jewelry to carry a piece of these magical places with them.

At the heart of Lina's Jewelry is a dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Every item is carefully handcrafted in their atelier, ensuring each piece is one-of-a-kind. Lina's Jewelry uses only the finest materials, including gold or silver plated brass, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones, and freshwater pearls, to create breathtaking statement pieces.

Lina's Jewelry is a celebration of personal style and self-expression. Each piece is designed to inspire and uplift modern women, making them feel special and highlighting their best selves. Discover the enchanting stories behind Lina's creations and embrace the journey that awaits with each stunning piece.

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