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10% Off First Order When Sign Up To Our Newsletter

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Marlena Gabriel

Est. 2018
University of Technology Sydney

Founded by professional athlete, Marlena Gabriel in 2018, Horizon Athletic is a brand born from an appreciation of fashion apparel and a love of salty skin. Originating from Sydney, Australia, Horizon in search of the perfect sporting garments. 

Marlena was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Born with an athletic nature and having trained and competed in various sports throughout her life, she had a strong desire for starting her own label. It came from a combined passion for sport, fashion and business, along with a conscious awareness of the necessity for change in the fashion industry at the time. She took the initiative to make a commitment to sustainable practices: in the sourcing of fabrics and finishes, addressing product longevity and production methods, while remaining conscious on all levels of the business development. 

They have mindfully created Horizon to reflect this love and respect for the environment as a whole and to tackle and raise awareness of the issues facing our planet, one of which is the enormous amount of plastic waste in the Oceans.

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