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Begum Tiryaki Uyulur

Est. 2020

"Make it the best and sell it to the world.” These words, articulated by Begüm’s grandfather has carried over three generations, giving her the courage to follow her dream to create something unequivocally unique and elegantly exclusive for those who want a special alternative to the generic jewellery choices. 

Begüm’s journey started with creating BOULO, a demi-fine jewellery brand with a unique style. She draws her inspiration from various places such as Ízmir (her hometown), Istanbul (where she lived) and London (where she currently resides). Three completely different cities giving her vast amounts of culture, history and stories to keep the creativity and inspiration flowing, from design to the final product. 

All products are 18k micron gold-plated on sterling silver with the brand’s logo lasered on each design. Quality is something that cannot be overlooked at BOULO, therefore, the jewellery is all handcrafted in her Istanbul atelier by only the finest craftsmen. She also values creating job opportunities for small and local craftsmen, therefore choosing to have both the jewellery and pouches handcrafted in Istanbul and Izmir, her hometown in Turkey.

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