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Est. 2017

Auli gets its name from the legendary ‘Valley of Flowers’ in the Himalayas, where there is an age old tradition of storytelling and reverence for rare and precious botanicals. At Auli, the traditions carries on. Through designing fragrances for living spaces, all their fragrances have a story to tell, exploring the oddities of places and people. They stay true to their Valley of Flowers roots, and ensure that all their fragrances are made of exceptional raw materials, using surprising and noble elements of perfumery with the aim to connect senses with spaces. All products are layered with the complexity of pure and natural ingredients, creating the perfect aura of smell for you.

An elaborate creative process is needed when composing their home fragrances, thoroughly exploring the transcendent nature of perfume. Chance encounters, observations and memories are all key ingredients in the composition. Each Auli comes with its own story to tell, each unique to you. Perfume, to Auli, is an invisible art of essence, always stylish, contemporary and thoughtful. 

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