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Est. 2017

Sidikai is a fashion firm created by sisters, Carlota and Mariana Gramunt, to exercise their vision to reclaim fashions role as an agent of positive change through aesthetics, innovation and commitment.

Only by applying design and creative expression towards a positive impact will change happen. Every piece they make is a calling for a revolution.

Sidikai was founded with design at its heart and positive impacts at the core. They don’t create for the sake of creating, each piece made is for a purpose, either problem solving or telling a story. The brand firmly believes in circular economy and human empowerment values and endeavours to incorporate them into every step of the production cycle, whilst creating exquisitely designed and well- crafted products. 

The designs are Zero-Waste oriented and the designers only use certified sustainable fabrics in all their garments. Manufacture is also certified ethical always prioritizing local, combining experienced workshops with pieces made by social integration projects. Sidikai's commitment is to have at least one piece of every collection made by a social program. To close the cycle, Sidikai offsets their carbon footprint and also offers recycling/up-cycling all Sidikai pieces in their atelier to give their garments a “second life”.

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