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Aishleen Lester

Est. 2018
BA at Wimbledon School of Art. Postgraduate at Royal Academy of Art.

Having completed her degree at Wimbledon School of Art and her Postgraduate Diploma at the Royal Academy of Art, Aishleen Lester began working as an installation sculptor before making the move into jewellery.

Her passion for jewellery design led her to evening classes at the Kensington and Chelsea College, then on to an eighteen month internship at Shaun Leane, to hone her skills as a designer. To perfect her training, she was then trained by an amazing goldsmith, Paul Ravn, who was an expert in hand made jewellery. This was where Aishleen developed her intricate, bespoke work. 

Aishleen launched her first collection, Light Through the Grey, after she was shortlisted for the Benchpeg award in Innovation in Jewellery in November 2017. Her brand, LeSter is filled with unique, modern designs heavily drawn from artists narratives. It is not only a celebration of individuality but also a confident reminder to Light Up The Skies. With an array of both bold and subtle designs, LeSter has creates conversation pieces as well as more subtle day-to-day wear. In July 2018, Aishleen also won Editor's Choice, as the name to watch at International Jewellery London. 

A quote from Aishleen: “The field of jewellery has given me the opportunity to combine my knowledge of art and love of traditional craftsmanship. I find great joy in the prospect that these miniature pieces hold a personal message and become part of your everyday life."

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