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From Ukraine With Love - Guzema

Guzema's fine jewellery takes our breath away with her stunningly elegant designs, from earrings to necklaces to anklets. What does designer, Valeria Guzema, have to say about starting her own brand and the process behind every design?


q: What was the initial push for you to change careers from a journalist to a fine jewellery designer? a: For a long time I wanted to have something that was mine, but I didn't understand what exactly it might be. I have been fascinated by jewellery all my life. My love for jewellery transferred to me genetically from my grandmother who presented me with golden apparel for every birthday when I was a little girl. Then I started creating first pieces of jewellery and carried on making them upon request from my friends. This was how my brand came into existence. q: Do you think being a journalist has given you elements of inspiration for your designs? a: Kind of, I am inspired by everything that surrounds me and, of course, my experience in journalism has made an impact on me. q: Your brand has grown very quickly and has gained acknowledgement early on, how do you feel about that? a: I didn’t expect my brand to develop so fast. Initially, I did it as a hobby. However, the demand for jewellery and the support from loved ones inspired me to carry on. So now, whenever I see happy women wearing my designs, I realise what I am doing is right. q: What advice would you give people who want to start their own jewellery line? a: Don’t be afraid to start creating. q: Can you tell us a little bit about your design process? a: I try on every jewellery piece that I make. I wear it myself to understand whether It feels comfortable or if something needs to be changed or removed. I also observe the reaction of others and if it brings them joy, then I decide to launch production. I put 100% of my energy and love into every collection. q: Where do you see the brand going in the next 5 years? a: I would hope to find boutiques of Guzema Fine Jewellery in all the capitals of the world. I would love for my jewellery pieces to help modern women feel special and place an emphasis on what nature has given to her personally. q: How would you describe the women who buy your jewellery? a: All women who shop with us are very different: some can be self-sufficient, strong or gutsy, others may be introverted and shy, delicate or not always sure about themselves. But all of them inspire and motivate me to create! I want them all to feel unique wearing our Guzema Fine Jewellery pieces.
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Designer Spotlight - Guzema Fine Jewellery

We are thrilled to have Guzema Fine Jewellery on board with us! Their extensive jewellery collections are just what we needed as a pick-me-up this season. Made from yellow and white gold, their designs are simple yet elegant, understated yet bold at the same time.

Modelled by the designer, Valeria Guzema, herself, we can tell that each piece is made with such care and love, and she is truely designing it to perfection. Being an ex-journalist, Valeria has a vast understanding of the world around her. She uses her knowledge and experience to inspire her designs and bring joy to those around her.

Intricate and delicate, Guzema's designs are timeless and unique. Why not check out her full collection and see what you like!

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