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Travel The World With Berta Cabestany

Inspired by her travels and local cultures, Berta Cabestany founded this beautifully unique label as a portal to transport people to different places she's been to, to discover and learn about more them.


q: What is it you love about Barcelona? a: I am completely obsessed with Barcelona, especially the weather, food, modernist architecture and just the chilled environment as a whole. As it’s a multicultural and international city, there’s always new places and projects to discover. q: How has growing up there influenced you in terms of being a designer? a: Being surrounded by my family and closest friends always gives me the strength to believe in myself. Living in Barcelona means that you can head to the mountains or the beach in just a quick drive. That gives me the freedom to get lost in an incredible rocky beach in Costa Brava, in the forest while it's snowing in La Cerdanya, or in the metropolitan city. Also, Barcelona has a lot of art and culture surrounding it and I always like to visit museums on the weekends as a pastime. q: One of your main inspirations for designing is travelling. Where is the favourite place you’ve been to so far and why? a: That is a tough one! Every place I’ve visited has given something new to learn and discover. Guatemala and its Easter floral carpets from La antigua has been one of my latest obsessions. Any country with colour gets my heart. Even if it's all white like in San Petersburg in January, I still love it. q: Of all the collections you’ve designed, which one would you wear personally? a: I think there’s a piece of me and my personality in every collection, but I definitely have a favourite every season! q: What is your design process like? a: Firstly, I like to find my inspiration through colours. Every season there’s a colour that catches my eye and I can’t stop seeing the same colour everywhere! Once I find the country or city related to that particular colour, I visit fabric fairs to choose the appropriate fabrics. Then I start hand painting the prints and designing the collection. Pattern making is a very important process for us, each style can even take up to 3 times for getting it right! I am indeed a perfectionist! Then we cut, embroider if needed, then stitch! All these processes can happen between 2 to 3 months. We work with very tight schedules as we do resort and pre-fall collections! q: Are you more of a spring/summer or autumn/winter person? a: Spring/ summer! No doubt about it! q: Where is the next place you’re hoping to travel to? a: I wish I had more time to travel, but Myanmar its definitely on my next trip list!
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Designer Spotlight - Berta Cabestany

Have you ever wanted to travel through a portal and land in your favourite holiday destination? Berta Cabestany's collections does just that.

Inspired greatly by her surroundings when growing up in Barcelona and her travels around the world, Berta uses the beautiful imagery and memories to create a brand that isn't just about clothes, but about taking you on a journey around the world. Through her pieces, you will get to experience cultures, scents and colours like never before. Berta manages to capture the essence of each place and translate it into fabrics and materials, using also the techniques that she has picked up from local artisans, adding that into her one-of-a-kind designs.

A collection of refreshing, creative and innovative clothes was hence born. People nowadays don't just want clothes that everyone else has, they want something special. Each of Berta's pieces have a particular story behind it, and with it comes the history and culture of the country it is inspired by.

We are so happy to have Berta on board with us as she launches her Spring/Summer collection this year. We are in love with her designs and I'm sure you will too!

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