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Thoughtfully Designed by Z.G.EST

"Thoughtfully designed, Sustainably sourced, Ethically made." Founded by a group of creative women, Z.G.EST is a brand that focuses on creating unique, mouldable pieces that can transport you from day to night. They're not only designed to be timeless, but also with a conscious effort to be sustainable and waste-less. Read on to find out more about the brand.


q: Where does the name ‘Z.G.ESTt’ come from?

 a: Z.G.EST is encrypted as 'Zero Gravity Established' to state that our clothes are comfortable and cozy, giving the feeling of zero gravity in all life situations and perfectly fitting for all body types. The Z.G.EST woman is confident, intelligent and unique, always the centre of attention and a style icon for others. She is not afraid to experiment and our unique pieces only make her want to be more experimental.

 q: You focus on quality, functionality and style - why is that so important?

 a: We value and understand the busy lifestyle of our customers, so we want to incorporate the concept of duality into our brand identity. The same item can be worn both in a professional and casual setting, only slightly adjusting the fit, playing with buttons, belts, and so forth. Z.G.EST clients value our diverse and innovative style. We believe that these features will allow us to get access to international fashion markets, attracting wholesale buyers and customers, making Z.G.EST more recognisable internationally. q: What do you think makes Z.G.EST stand out from the crowd?
 a: We are a very environmentally conscious brand and use exclusively biodegradable fabrics. Most of the fabrics are collected from dead-stock, thus we utilise waste and protect the earth from the industrial hazardous influences. Our business model is based on the concept of modularity. The same item is designed to be worn in different ways, by adjusting the buttons and straps. This also follows from the brand's DNA to make life easier. So for instance, the same shirt can look smart in the office but can also turn into a comfy casual look or a party dress by adjusting a few elements. We always look into reimagining the basics. In addition to this, high-quality stitching and the selection of quality fabrics make our fashion pieces timeless. 
q: Where do you get your design inspiration from? a: We get our inspiration from nature and the Earth, from landscapes we are surrounded by in Armenia. We care about the environment and support all the ideas of giving back to mother nature. We are a generation that was born in Soviet times, and we love noticing the contrasts and the beauty of the Soviet reality and the Western world. We dream, and we get energy from meditation and we transfer that feeling of light and positivity to our creations

. q: Can you tell us a little about your design process? a: The design process at Z.G.EST is like a ritual. First, we take a tour around the country and we capture photos and take in the fresh air in the mountains. The creative process starts with meditation and full body relaxation. We tend to feel the lightness and recall all the images and try to recreate those and transpose those images and feelings into clothing. The other steps include the fabric selection, which is the hardest part, because we limit ourselves to only selecting exclusively biodegradable, sustainable, dead-stock fabrics.

 q: Who are the women that help make Z.G.EST possible?

 a: We make our garments in Armenia using the craftsmanship that they've always excelled in. Z.G.EST is a brand created by women, for women. Our staff members and outsourced self-employed tailors are all women. We strongly believe in women's empowerment and their vital role in business. We try to engage with women who have family constraints and therefore are limited in their job opportunities. Consequently, we have created a production cycle where these women can work part time from home. We then provide them with all the necessary tools and machinery. We constantly work on developing their skills and care about ensuring the best working conditions for them. Trust and confidence is something that is deeply rooted to our brand ethos. This is the reason why each Z.G.EST item is made with care and love. q: Where do you see the brand progressing in the next 5 years? a: We want the brand to be seen as an ambassador for the ethical and environmental production of fashion. We want our approach of women empowerment to inspire other brands to remodel the fashion industry. We want our model of blending responsible business with creativity to become a motivation for a better and more meaningful business model for the future generations.
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Designer Spotlight - Z.G.EST

Inspiring the next generation of designers is one of Z.G.EST's goals when the brand was created. They want to create a platform to initiate change for the fashion industry. Z.G.EST is a brand that places a lot of emphasis on sustainability and recycling fabrics to lessen the waste on our planet.

The brand also promotes calmness and positivity. Their design process revolves around nature and meditation, through finding inner peace and absorbing the beauty that surrounds us. They want their clothing to feel freeing and effortless. Functionality is also something that they put great effort into. Their designs are mouldable, depending on how you fasten the buttons and straps, making each piece a 2-in-1!

Try something different this season with Z.G.EST - we promise you won't be disappointed!


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