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Silky Goodness - Laura Ironside

Meet Laura Ironside - A designer featured in ELLE, she is definitely one to watch and look out for. Her designs feature beautifully silky garments and accessories that are also sustainable to the core, what's not to love?


q: Why did you start your own brand? a: I had always wanted to have my own brand, I just felt it was a huge privilege to be able to create something completely unique in the world. When I was little I was always drawing all the time and designing outfits on paper with little fabric swatches! I studied textiles at art school in Scotland then went on to do pattern cutting at London College of fashion. I wanted to get experience in the industry first so I worked for a number of small brands in London in different capacities. It was really exciting working up close with small brands and learning the ins and outs, it just pushed me on further to create my own. q: Sustainability and eco-consciousness is a big part of your brand, why is it so important to you? a: It wasn’t something I had always considered. When I first started out making my own designs, I was actually working a lot with leather and suede. I spent a lot of time searching for the right maker to produce the designs. I met with so many different, incredibly talented craftsmen and women and never quite got the right finished product I was looking for. I ran out of money and energy after around 18 months and felt quite defeated, it really made me take stock. Getting to know so many different crafts processes and considering the work that goes into such beautifully produced items, it made me appreciate the making process so much more. I realised that yes, it really is such a huge privilege to bring something new into the world. It’s such a privilege so we must consider the impacts that creating something new has. The impacts on our environment, our ecosystems and on all the people that are involved in the process. It’s still something I’m learning about myself, there are so many new sustainable innovations out there and so many resources coming out every day now for brands and for customers too. It’s so positive for the industry though. At the moment we’re doing the best we can but I aim to keep improving on our ethical credentials as a brand as we grow. q: Your edit is made with silk, is there a particular reason you were drawn to this material? a: I wanted to work with a natural material but I still wanted to maintain that feeling of beauty and luxury. Of course silk was the obvious choice. I get so many comments on how soft the silk we use is and how beautiful it feels to wear. That’s our aim first and foremost; to make beautiful clothes that women really want to wear. But of course we want to be mindful of the impacts making our clothes has on the environment and take the necessary impacts to minimise those impacts. q: If you could give one advice to emerging brands, what would it be? a: Mindset is everything. This is something I do still struggle with but I honestly believe it’s just the most important thing when starting your own brand. Believe in yourself and learn from your mistakes rather than allowing them to define you. q: Your brand recently appeared in ELLE’s article, how exciting! How do you feel about that? a: I was so excited! It’s amazing to have such an endorsement from ELLE, especially at such a difficult time for small businesses just now. It really makes such a difference to a small brand, I am so grateful. q: What’s next? Do you have another edit coming soon? a: Yes we are working on a new edit at the moment, remotely! Things may be a little slower because of all that is going on just now but we hope to launch later this year once we’ve come through this difficult time.
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It is truely a privilege having Laura Ironside as part of our platform. We, at Curated Crowd, have always strived to invite brands that not only made beautiful garments, but also ones that made women feel beautiful on the inside and out and that is exactly what Laura does.

Her use of silk allows for the material to drape around the female body, accentuating the silhouette, wrapping around you like a second skin. Silk being a natural fibre means that her designs are all sustainable and eco-friendly, and on top of that, everything is made-to-order, made just for you.

Focusing on seasonless collections in limited styles and fabrics is also something that is essential to Laura. The first capsule collection, which is her current silk edit, is named Edit-01. It is an introduction and the following edits will then build on the previous. The intention being that a collection will not then become obsolete after one season, and can be revived and made again if someone orders it.

She has the perfect garment for every occasion - weddings, events, day outs or staying at home, what more can you ask for?

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