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Silk, Sandals and Inspirational Artists

We talk about inspiration and art with our signed designers, LISOU and Dondoks.


We spoke to Rene McDonald, the creative force behind luxury London based label Lisou, and Carmen Cerrillo and Charlotte Calixte, the duo behind premium shoewear label, Dondoks, about art.

Curated Crowd: If you could pick any artist in history to collaberate with on your next collection, who would it be?

LISOU: Henry Matisse


CC: What would you create?

L: A collection of silk dresses, because I love his bold use of colour and shape.

Screenshot 2018-08-29 20.24.29.png

Lisou BETTY Shirt in Orange, £155.

CC: Dondoks, how about you?

D: We would love to collaborate with a talented Latino Resort wear brand, such as Agua de Coco.


CC: What inspires you about Agua de Coco?

D: Their use of amazing patterns and colours, their clothes would look amazing with our shoes, we could create very unique, feminine summer looks together.

Screenshot 2018-08-29 20.31.50.png

JAJA Sandals in red, £245.

D: Agua de Coco pieces are a combination of creativity, style and beautiful materials, exactly what we are doing our best to achieve as an emerging brand.

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