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Personal Signatures Created By Azzi

Have you ever thought about creating a scent that is truly unique to you? Well The Perfumer's Story By Azzi will be just the one to help you with this! Come with us as well chat to Azzi about all things fragrance and how she goes about designing a scent for each person.


q: What prompted you to start a perfume brand? a: ‘The Perfumer's Story’ was born out of the encouragement I received from both Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter and their total excitement about my fragrance creations. I also saw a massive gap in the market. Nobody was creating fragrances that would capture an individual’s style and character. Most perfumes are based on fragrance ingredient trends like oud or neroli, rose or a Fresh Fruity. I wanted my perfume compositions to be based on a person’s character and style, each with an artistic true story and reference. So if your character and style fits Bohemian/Loving/Unique where you like mixing vintage clothing with brands and the high street to make your own style then Twisted Iris would match you well - "Iris is beautiful, creative, and carefree with this incredible quirky side to her that is truly irresistible.” I could see a demand from people to be more individual and to stand out from the crowd. My perfumes are easy to choose, as each of them gives you the fragrance character as opposed to the industry buzzwords ‘fragrance family’, which nobody seems to understand. They have this magical feeling, which always gets many compliments from others when they are worn and seems to have an almost magnetic quality. They are adored by others and totally loyal to the wearer, and that gives confidence and empowerment. They are a bespoke signature for that person, which creates memories for years to come. q: How do you go about sourcing your ingredients? a: I source my perfume ingredients from around the world. The quality of my ingredients are carefully selected and hand-picked, as it is important that they have the depth of character that is required to fulfil my story. I carefully select the fragrance ingredients, firstly as the main characters a bit like a film director chooses his main stars and then my supporting ingredients to help tell the different stories in my collection of perfumes and candles. q: Can you tell us the steps and procedures you take when creating a personalised scent for someone? a: As it is extremely hard for anyone to choose a fragrance from so many perfumes found in a beauty hall or even in a perfume boutique to know that they have found the right one especially when they are confronted by the fragrance language of ‘top notes’ or ingredients such as ‘it contains Oudh in it’. This is not the information that consumers necessary want to hear or even relate to. I have been very fortunate in working with many Hollywood actors over the years mainly because they all, individually find it hard to choose their signature scent from what is on offer from the fragrance market place. This is one of the main reasons why I create fragrances differently to most other perfumers where I match their individual character, personality and their own unique style to the fragrance composition. In the same way a bespoke outfit is made for them. The process is - to work very closely with each of my clients. Some say it's a bit like a ‘fun therapy session’, but really, it’s all about getting to know their personality and their character and how they would like to portray themselves to the outside world. When I have a clear picture of them – a bit like a DNA print – I then look at their own fashion style. I study their clothing, accessories, and hair and skin, and I match these elements when formulating their signature bespoke fragrance, so when you smell the result it just seems to work for them and also for those around them. Most people are all individual and don't tend to have the same character or personality or even style. I match their own DNA print into the fragrance, a bit like telling their story through their scent, so when you smell the result it just seems to work for them and also for those around them. The happiness that it brings to people when they have their own bespoke perfume for life, is a fantastic feeling for me to live with. I feel that I am adding some sort of value to people's lives, which is one of the reasons why I love what I do and enjoy life. q: What is the favourite perfume or candle you’ve made so far and for whom was it for? a: This is a difficult question as I love all of my candles as they have been formulated to style an entire house and bring unique character and style to the different interiors and living experiences around the home. One of my favourites though, as it always received so many comments as people enter my house is Black Moss which has been designed for the entrance and hall way to your home. It smells like no other scent you have experienced, beautiful, rich with an aristocratic character that is filled with warmth and luxurious heritage. Originally this was and is still loved by Johnny Depp and he orders lots of them. q: How would you describe your personal scent? a: My Personal signature scent is Sequoia Wood, which I have worn for around 10 years now. I wanted to release it mainly due to the incredible comments and admiration I have had over the years from many people and still do. The composition is layered around the sensual and deep richness of red Sequoia Wood, which appears mainly in the heart of the fragrance. It is enhanced on the top by a slight flirtatious freshness of Neroli and Palmarosa with a kissable base of Cedar, Patchouli, Oudh and White Musk oils. The formulation is sensual without being floral or sweet and unisex. I get five or six comments every day on how wonderful I smell. This is one of the nicest compliments anyone can get. The character and style of the perfume would be described as sensual, creative and avant-garde. q: In your opinion, why are scents and aromas such an important part of life? a: Scent is probably one of the most powerful senses around. One would never want to be with someone that does not smell good. We are all animals and the sense of smell is part of our DNA where its importance is part of survival and destiny. Fragrance can be manipulative; it is very powerful when you get it right. It is, ultimately, the finishing touch. People judge not only the way you look but also the scented vibes you give off, from yourself, to your home and to the aura you build around you. My own signature perfume, Sequoia Wood, which is now part of my collection, gives me so much joy that it has become a part of me. q: How did you find out about Curated Crowd? a: I found out about Curated Crowd through a very dear friend of mine who is extremely stylish and creates the most fabulous dresses too. She thought we would both collaborate well and she was totally correct. I really appreciate the style and the true values that Curated Crowd own. When I was introduced to the founder, Ada Zhao, I found her totally inspiring and she has taken design and style to new intensive, thoughtful and creative levels which I love.
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Designer Spotlight - The Perfumer's Story By Azzi

'Scent is our most primitive sense, it's the closest thing to the emotional brain. It penetrates you. You love it, and you want to be part of it.' - Isabelle Ramsey-Brackstone

We couldn't agree more with Isabelle's statement. Scent is something that brings back memories, that takes you back to that summer by the sea, that reminds you of your favourite room in the house - it is something that we all pick up on and need in our lives.

The Perfumer's Story By Azzi creates these magnificent scents and aromas that are tailored to each and everyone. Not only that, but like Azzi said so herself, it gives you that extra boost of confidence and empowerment.

All her perfumes and candles are ready-to-buy, with clear descriptions of the characters and styles that surround it. All her ingredients are carefully hand-picked and then mixed into a beautiful scent, much like a magic potion.

What makes Azzi's different from other frangrance brands is the option to create a bespoke perfume for yourself. She has worked with the likes of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Kylie Minogue to help create their own personal signatures. She is able to capture the essence of a person, she listens and understands, absorbing every little detail about you, then magically transforms you into a little glass bottle filled with aromas of your memories. Having met Azzi ourselves, we know how much fun would be had when chit chatting with her!

Our personal favourite is the Fig Ambrette Candle and the Twisted Iris Perfume. Both of them leave behind scent trails and will certainly leave an impression!

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