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The New Contemporary - Voranida

A new form of contemporary fashion has been born with Voranida's experimental cuts. Her designs are eye-opening, creative and innovative. Come behind the scenes with us as we find out what sets her apart from other modern fashion brands.


q: What is the main difference between the fashion industry in Bangkok and in Europe? a: I would say the main difference is that the European fashion industry encourages the creative versatility coming from multi-cultures and backgrounds whereas the Thai fashion industry keeps true to their originality and craftsmanship. q: What is the main ethos behind the brand? a: We would like to inspire and empower women in different forms, ages and backgrounds, as we believe in the abiding beauty of all women. q: Experimental cuts are very much part of your brand, can you tell us a bit more about the process behind it? a: Every time we start a new season, we would work with the fabric and how it will translate our ideas for each garment into a cohesive collection. The fabric experimentation is vital to us, we always make at least 5 samples depending on the difficulty of construction. This helps ensure that our final fabric choice will sit harmoniously with what we envisioned. This, I believe, is what sets us apart from others. q: What or who are the major influences when it comes to designing? a: Maison Martin Margiela - I love how he can translate his unconventional idea into his collection. q: What is your favourite piece in the current collection? a: Giana coat, this coat is very sophisticated and surprisingly playful. This coat can be deconstructed by unbuttoning. It is an experimental coat that can be transformed into a jacket for a single ready-to-wear summer piece. q: How would you describe the typical Voranida woman? a: A well-rounded person, who is in their mid age with an appreciation for art, fashion, and design. She portrays herself as an inventive and sophisticated woman with a creative perception and contemporary vision. q: How did you find out about Curated Crowd? a: I came across Curated Crowd during my time in London. I loved the aesthetic and ambiance of the shop, which I felt was very in line with Voranida's itself. It would also be appealing to Voranida’s women.
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Designer Spotlight - Voranida

Getting fall ready is one of our favourite things to do - finding the perfect shirt, layering it up with the perfect knit and coat. It's the season for mix-matching and experimenting with new designs and cuts. It's the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try new styles.

Voranida, for one, is the ideal brand to be purchasing this Autumn/Winter season. Designer, Voranida Rujekitnara, takes contemporary fashion to a whole new level with her bold cuts and unusual structural forms. Voranida is a league of its own.

Combining elements from the Thai fashion industry with the European one, she is able to take her own originality and craftsmanship from Asia and merge it with the creative versatility that comes with European cultures.

Her pieces are structurally elegant and sophisticated, ideal for the modern day women. The Voranida women are those who appreciate their surroundings, especially art, culture and and fashion. They are ones who aren't afraid to take risks and be proud of who they are.

Be a Voranida woman. Be creative. Be unique. Be you.

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