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The New Athletic Leisure - Horizon Athletic

Marlena Gabriel, a professional athlete and the founder of Horizon Athletics, developed the brand to inspire change in the industry by making the active apparel business more eco-friendly and sustainable using Econyl®, a recycled fiber made from abandoned fishing nets and other post consumer waste. Join us as we explore Horizon's history and future prospects. 


q: How has it been developing your brand in the beginning, then over the pandemic period?Did you notice a change in what your customers wanted? a: Pre pandemic there was much more space for Activewear, as there was only really activewear brands and now post pandemic all fashion brands have introduced their own activewear lines which has increased the supply of activewear on the market and this has made it more competitive. The global pandemic has increased the demand for activewear in general and this style of clothing has influenced our daily fashion trends. q: Why is good quality sportswear design so important? a: I can not stress how important good activewear is from a sustainable and productive point. Activewear – is an apparel to wear while training therefore it is essential that the clothes fit, feel and support you while you perform. Also if the activewear you purchase doesn’t give you this value it is not sustainable for you to continue purchasing activewear to fulfil its purpose. I suggest be wise when you are purchasing activewear think about support and comfort not just it’s price point. q: How has being a professional athlete influenced you as a designer? a: It has been a great honour for me to have been a professional athlete, it has exposed me and given me a insight in what my designs should be and also what people want form activewear. When I design a collection I look at many factors; style, fabrics, technicality, support and durability these are crucial elements for create good quality activewear. q: Changing the fashion industry and protecting the environment is such a big part of Horizon’s identity - why is this so vital? a: The brand was built on sustainability it is one of the and I would say the most vital value of the brand. As a swimwear and activewear brand you can feel the natural connection to the environment. Most sporting activities are performed outside, whether it would be a run in the forest or a swim in the ocean automatically a person is connected to the environment and enjoying its beauty therefore it is so authentic for the Horizon Athletic to uphold that love and respect for our planet. In relation to the fashion industry it is unfortunately heavily saturated with cheap low grade fast fashion. Our planet has a massive waste problem with 10 million tons of fast fashion clothes sent to landfills. An estimated 40 per cent are of such poor quality they are deemed worthless on arrival and end up dumped in landfill. This is a problem we need to address with ethical production and sustainable resources. Essentially what we wear is effecting our planet. q: What is the one thing that sets Horizon apart from other brands? a: Athleticism, which is part of the brand name (Athletic) together with Horizon, represents a boundless new world. We have developed every collection based on a historical female athlete, this really embraces female empowerment which is what we want our customers to feel when wearing our brand. q: What is your favourite set? a: Rhône Crop Top and Basòdino Leggings in all the colours Lava Stone, Soft Earth and River. q: What are the next steps for Horizon? a: We have so much planned for this year, Pop Up events one with Curated Crowd as well as two new collections and also an ‘Empower’ Seminar with an female athlete (not me) to come later in year in London.
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Designer Spotlight - Horizon Athletic

Horizon Athletic combines fashionable apparel with love for salty skin. Originating from Sydney, Australia Horizon is the brainchild of professional athlete Marlena Gabriel, who was in search for the right athletic wear. 

The brand was created to reflect love and respect for the environment as a whole, as well as to address and raise awareness of the issues facing our planet, one of which is the enormous amount of plastic waste in our oceans.

Horizon chooses fabrics that are both functional and environmentally friendly. They use Econyl®, a recycled fiber created from abandoned fishing nets and other post-consumer waste to create their activewear. 

They believe in buying better and reducing overconsumption. This is why they create strong products for the purpose of intensive sport that will last over time.


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