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MARAMZ - The Golden Minimalist

The designer behind the best selling brand on our platform, Marian Zaragoza. What does MARAMZ mean to her and how does architectural and minimalist styles influence her designs?


Designer Spotlight - MARAMZ

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Ring Car - £43 ; Ring Charlotte - £38 ; Ring Diagonal - £38

Inspired by architectural, sculptural and minimalist styles, designer, Marian Zaragoza founded her brand - MARAMZ. She designs beautiful, elegant gold jewellery that is the ideal accessory for every women. It is simple and easy to wear, and what's best is that it's affordable! What more can you ask for?

Although she has only been on our Curated Crowd platform for a short period of time, she has already become our best selling brand, with Ring Car being the most popular design. The inspiration of the ring came from the famous Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago, by Indian-born British artist Sir Anish Kapoor. Absorbing the form and the mirror-like quality, Marian adds her own take onto the design of Ring Car and her other designs, creating pieces like no other.

It really doesn't surprise us that her designs are doing so well with our customers, as they are sculpted with such delicacy and elegance. What we want to know is what inspired her to design and the process behind her creations. Come with us to find out more about her and MARAMZ.

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*MARAMZ's best seller *Ring Car - £43

Curated Crowd : What inspired you to start designing?

Marian Zaragoza : I wouldn’t call it inspiration, but more of an innate creativity I’ve had since I was little that eventually became my passion as I grew older. It's one of those things that I was always interested in and was fascinated by, and I'm lucky enough to make a career out of it.

CC : Why jewellery design? What are the inspirations behind your architectural, sculptural and minimalist styles?

MZ : Jewellery are similar to little pieces of artwork. With it being small and miniature, you have the possibility to create anything you wish with more freedom and in bigger bulks than if it was a sculpture or a painting.

The minimalist philosophy, which is defined as 'using the smallest range of materials and colours, and only very simple shapes or forms', is part of who I am. I apply it to all my designs, for example, the Elle bracelet. It was inspired by the letter E and by a woman whose style is minimalist.

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Bracelet Louis - £62 ; Bracelet Brigitte - £46 ; Arco Earrings - £40

CC : How would you describe working with us so far?

MZ : I feel very lucky to have met you guys and now have the opportunity of collaboration. Curated Crowd has a style and philosophy in which I identify with, and I really appreciate the fact that they promote independent designers from around the world. It's not very often you find people that are willing to go against fast fashion, so I'm proud to be a part of it. Also, with them I have the opportunity to introduce my brand to the British market and branch out.

CC : The Ring Car has been your best seller on our website so far, are you going to make more designs according to that, or create more new innovative designs? Is there a new collection on the way that we should know about?

MZ : Yes absolutely! I actually have a new collection in process that will launch in around a month. The collection is composed of various pieces with different inspirations and stories to tell. It's been a very exciting process and I can't wait to share it with everyone, so be sure to watch this space!

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Necklace Étoile - £43

CC : What is your creation process from beginning to end?

MZ : I don't think I'm like any other designer, I have my own way of working. I don’t follow the standard procedure of designing and I don’t believe in 'going places' to get inspired. In my experience, not every day is a fountain of inspiration, but the day that I do feel inspired, that is where my best ideas and designs happen.

This can happen anywhere, at any time, so I always have with me a book where I can sketch in that specific moment about whatever's inspired me. From there stems even more ideas, which along with my production team, we decide which are to be produced.

CC : How do you want women to feel when wearing your jewellery?

MZ : I want them to feel empowered and beautiful when wearing my jewellery. The Maramz Woman has a passion for art, culture and architecture and uses jewellery as a form of expressing these passions.

They have style, minimalist philosophy and is in tune with not only art, but with themselves as well. My jewellery simply transforms them into women with character, and elegance.

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Bracelet Diagonal - £45 ; Ring Car - £43

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