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Love, Affection & Grace - Meher Jewellery

Meet the founder of Meher Jewellery - a woman who is devoted to empowering women and bringing the best out of them. Find out more about this amazing woman and designer and why inspiring women is such a huge part of her process.


q: How would you describe Meher Jewellery in 5 words? a: Sentiment, strength, faith, distinctive….. and oh, pretty! q: Do you incorporate a lot of your personal style in your designs? a: Meher Jewellery is inspired by emotion, you will find a lot of sentiment in our pieces. Being romantic as well as pragmatic helps me design pieces that are both creative and beautiful, yet, practical and wearable. q: Inspiring and empowering women is a huge part of the brand. Why is this so important to you? a: As a woman or even just a person, I have faced and seen life in all its glory, along with its trials and tribulations. Our pieces are a refection of that and is influenced by emotions, statements and passion. We believe that todays woman is to be her own legacy, her own hallmark, and effectively her own brand. She should be able to tell her own story unapologetically. q: Your designs include a lot of personalisations. Do you think that attracts people when shopping from Meher Jewellery? a: Yes, a Meher Jewellery piece tells it like it is, and this attracts and draws our clients in to make their mark, not to be labelled by another brand, but to be able to speak their own truth. q: Where do you draw your inspiration from? a: Meher Jewellery draws its inspiration from mankind; empathy and experiences help shape the creative process. q: What is your 5 year plan for Meher Jewellery? a: Our 5-year plan is to be available globally with reputable retailers worldwide. q: What is your favorite design from your current collection? a: That’s a tough one! I love all our pieces for different reasons. They all hold their own story, inspired by the woman…. For the woman! If I had to name one piece, it is actually a very simple piece that holds so much emotion for me. It is our ‘Kun’ ring, engraved with ‘Kun Faya Kun’, which translates to ‘Be and it will Be’. It has a powerful story behind it and you will never see me not wearing this ring.
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Desert Nights with Small Hoop and Chains
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Land Ring
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Atlas Necklace

Designer Spotlight - Meher Jewellery

Founded by Meher Iqbal - a woman who is truely passionate about bringing women together and inspiring them to be unapologetically themselves, Meher Jewellery is a true representation of what she believes in.

Like Meher said so herself, her collection is distinctive and is packed full of beauty. They are riddled with beautiful messages about why women should love and appreciate who they are. All her pieces are customisable with your choice of metal and some you can even spell out an inspirational word that is personal to you!

Most of Meher's rings are also stackable. Due to their dainty sizes and simple designs, they can all be stacked with one another to create an even more dramatic effect.


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