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Irresistible Leather - The RUF

The RUF is a leather apparel brand that is made with the highest quality of leather that glides onto your body like silk. Who is the designer behind the brand and why did she choose leather as a medium?


q: Why is the brand named ’The RUF’? a: RUF stands for “Real Urban Fit”. Our name emphasizes our obsession with the perfect “fit” and quality. We are devoted to create apparel that can be worn with ultimate comfort any time of the day. The trade-off between comfort and style in leather apparel is redundant when craftsmanship in production marries creativity in design. q: Do you think having studied Media and Communication helped you with establishing your brand? a: I wouldn’t say so. Since the launch of the first collection, customers’ warm and inspiring feedback about its novel style and the perfect fit along its high quality and butter-soft touch was what gave shape to the identity of the brand. q: What is it about leather that attracted you to it? a: Its versatility and sophistication; also the meticulousness it requires. I believe that leather elevates every look. q: How do you go about sourcing your materials? a: Along the years I have been fortunate enough to meet with people who are as enthusiastic as I am about leather. Most of these people have later become my suppliers. I primarily source my raw material from Turkey and all my materials are sourced responsibly. The leather is naturally tanned and naturally dyed specifically for The RUF. q: How would you describe your The RUF in three words? a: Vibrant, artisan and sophisticated. q: If you had to choose one design to wear everyday, which one would it be? a: I would choose The RUF’s short skirts with elastic waist. Simple, yet chic. Super comfortable, it can be paired with anything from cozy sweaters to silk blouses, t-shirts to crop tops. Easy to wear everyday with sneakers, sandals or boots. q: Is there a new collection coming that we should know about? a: Of course, the new spring/summer collection is due in March 2020.
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Belted Leather Trench coat
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Python-Embossed Leather Jacket
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Short Leather Skirt

Designer Spotlight - The RUF

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Short Leather skirt in Burgundy - £600

The RUF was founded by Ayperi Kutuk. It focuses on finding the perfect fit for every leather piece, providing you with items that will last you a lifetime.

She founded the brand because of her deep intrigue of fashion, the way that it is constantly changing and evolving. However, after witnessing the painstakingly punctilious production of leather, it transmuted her general interest in fashion into an irresistible fascination towards leather apparel specifically.

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Python-Embossed Leather Jacket in White - £1100

With the lack of variety in the current brands, it gave Ayperi the final push to create a leather apparel that showcases more styles and colours. She was on a mission to create something that could be designed, manufactured, displayed and made use of in a broader scope. Hence, The RUF was born.

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High Waisted Leather Pants in Burgundy - £1020


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