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Getting Summer Ready With Van Dalsky

The sun is due for an appearance over the weekend, and what better way to dress for it than with Van Dalsky's stunning kaftans and dresses. What's the story behind these beautiful, summer inspired designs? Come with us as we talk to founder, Claudia Zorbibe, about Van Dalsky.


q: What is your ideal outfit, from head to toe? a: Depending on the time of the day really. If you want to know what I like wearing during the day, then I would say definitely something casual. I love dressing up and am a high heels lover for the evening. In my opinion they are actually a must for dinners or a bar visit- but during the day I would wear sneakers only! A pair of fabric trousers, a matching top and a blazer or thin coat. I adore tone on tone. A watch, big leather Tote bag and natural make up. A classy yet comfortable look. q: Why do you think fashion should be simple and not ‘scream’? a: Because of YOU - your personality should brighten up a room. A strong, confident woman don't need too much make up, colours or prints in order to get attention, or to hide behind this facade. I like when the real beauty comes from within and you only underline that with your fashion. But never cover it! q: What attracted you to design cover-ups, kaftans and dresses? a: I am from Vienna, Austria and it definitely has been a niche product range here for many years. I am a very detail-oriented person and wearing the right outfit for any occasion is very important to me. That would include my look at the beach. I was tired of not being able to properly express myself. But I also wanted to still feel natural and not look too dressed up. So I started designing my own line of beachwear. As a fashion school graduate, it was only a matter of time before I came up with something creative like this. q: Who or what are your design inspirations? a: I would say life itself is my biggest inspiration. It is a natural process. It's the feeling I get when the sun hits my face, the smell of a walk in the park, travelling, busy streets, window shopping, observing passing people, going into art galleries, to the opera ... We are surrounded by art and beauty on a daily basis. My energy and creativity definitely come through my surrounding. q: Van Dalsky focuses on longevity and quality, why are these so important to you? a: This is what I would like as a customer myself. That my newly bought piece isn't ready for the bin, only after a few times wearing it. You want good fabrics that are gentle to your skin, you want to know that no one had to suffer while manufacturing your clothes. It should be a positive experience only, your new tunic. q: What do you think is the most important when it comes to dressing for women? a: Comfort! We all have insecurities with our bodies, therefore we want to look and feel as good as possible. With my tunics, I chose designs that are easy to wear, but most importantly, they flatter your body. For every mood and every body shape, there is a piece just for you! Casual or glamorous; bright or subtle. It's very important to me to cover every woman's style and bring comfort while waring Van Dalsky. q: What’s next for Van Dalsky? a: There are always some new projects in the pipeline. What's new is that you can now find a well selected collection at the well-known luxury Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakesh. This is not the only place in Morocco. The beautiful Hotel La Sultana in Marrakesh and Oualidia are offering our beachwear as well. We are delighted about these cooperations and are looking forward for more to come.
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Designer Spotlight - Van Dalsky

Summer is all about easy, slip-on dresses and colourful kaftans, which is exactly what Van Dalsky is all about. With her new collection arriving online, what better time to get to know a little more about the brand and the brains behind it.

Van Dalsky was founded by Claudia Zorbibe in 2019, out of her own necessity and want for affordable resortwear. As she grew up in Vienna, there weren't many choices when it came to luxury pieces for the beach. So if you can't find it, why not create it?

Claudia is also passionate about mixing quality materials with longevity. She wants you to own a Van Dalsky piece for a long time and not worry about it going out of style or falling to pieces. Feeling beautiful and confident when wearing VD's dresses and kaftans is also essential when it comes to the brand's ethos. They flatter all body shapes and there's a piece for everyone.

Get summer ready with Van Dalsky. We promise you'll be the best dressed person there!


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