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Fashion and Wellbeing with Kalmar

Fashion isn't just about looking good, it's about feeling good. Kalmar places a huge emphasis on wellbeing and how we can better ourselves through fashion. Come with us as we explore with Kalmar's founder, Karen, on how we can use fashion to feel empowered.


q: What is the essence of a Kalmar woman? a: A Kalmar woman is a modern goddess. She knows her wellbeing is crucial. She loves to feel good and gorgeous, she knows that her inner beauty and outer beauty go hand in hand. She is curious and forward thinking. She loves to travel, discover the world and the new frontier of life. q: What caused your spiritual awakening? a: I was a director at 28 for one of the biggest financial brokers on bonds in France. I had an amazing job, but I started to feel anxious, and was beginning to lack interest in my own success. That really pushed me to understand what life was about, which then drove me on a spiritual quest. q: Why do you think it’s important for us to understand the physical and mental well-being of ourselves? a: Life is bliss when you are balanced within yourself - both in your emotional and physical body. Once you experience this feeling, you will always be able to balance yourself and fine moments of pure enjoyment in life. This is our new investment, we can enjoy life properly when we rid ourselves of self-doubt, self-judgment, self-sabotaging. We need to find our self-love. q: How do you channel self-care through your designs? a: Wearing an outfit is a statement. What's crucial is to combine the energy of your day to what you wearing. Using the right colour to boost your mood, wearing the right shape and fabric that will allow you to feel self-love. So when we design a kaftan or an ensemble, we need to think about these principles. What do we want for this season? What colour feels right? What shape can I see myself in next season? We ultimately love offering garments that women feel good in. q: How has the Moroccan culture influenced you as a person and as a designer? a: Morocco is a country of sensuality. It has amazing landscapes, but we can't forget the richness of the culture, of the people, the colours, the smells, the food, and of course, the artisans' craftsmanship. Everything inspires you in Morocco. Kalmar is all about sensuality in its designs, colours and prints, but also in its wellness products, bringing good energy to the body through smell and touch. q: How would you describe Kalmar in 5 words? a: Loving, beautiful, embracing, energising, rich. q: What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self? a: Don’t listen to your thoughts of doubt, fulfil your dreams and passions even if nobody believes in them.
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Designer Spotlight - Kalmar

What's better than looking good? That's right, it's FEELING good. You always hear the quote, 'No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up.' As cliche as it sounds, it's absolutely right. We feel a lot better when we're wearing clothes that are reflective of what we're feeling, or an item that makes us feel confident in our own skin.

Writer, dancer and spiritual healer, Karen Ruimy, is the mastermind behind the brand, Kalmar. She found her spiritual journey after facing stress and anxiety working in the corporate world. She understood the need for self-care and self-love, and how that should be present in everyone's lives. She started investing in herself and those around her, aiming to use Kalmar as a guide for people to find their own spiritual journeys through life.

Karen uses design and fashion as a way to boost people's moods, to help them feel empowered and confident, bringing positive energy to our surroundings through various senses.

We should all learn something from Karen and her brand - love yourself, be kind to yourself, dress for yourself and learn to appreciate the little things around you. These are the things you need in order to feel good in life, not just look good.


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