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Fashion and Theatre - Rue Agthonis

With a background in theatre as well as costume design, Rue Agthonis' designs are eccentric and distinctive. Come behind the scenes with us as we discover how Ms. Syl, the designer behind Rue, incorporates the theatre world into fashion.


q: You studied at the Shanghai Theatre Academy before you went to Parsons. What made you jump from theatre to fashion design? a: Costume design is something I've been doing all my life, especially stage costumes. It definitely helps me a lot when discovering a character and knowing what they wear on a daily basis. q: What is the biggest attraction or draw that you find in stage and film costumes? a: The attraction comes from my approach to exploring characters. I enjoy designing costumes and props for the characters then make them myself. For me, the biggest attraction of theatrical costumes is that they genuinely make me feel like I'm edging closer to the characters and the story behind the screenplay. q: What has your design process been like? a: There is a lot of attention paid to stage musicals, and non-stop references to classic film works. Different eras and moods certainly shift the way you see things and will bring varied creative inspiration to your work. Write it down, sketch it, make It. Read a book, see what you like and ultimately turn it into a performance piece. Practice it, act it out, record it as if you were giving a presentation as a student. The development and design process has been really funs far. The spirit of theatre has inspired me to no end, as if it were a never-ending show. q: What is your favourite design that you’ve seen either in a stage production or film set? a: I would highly recommend ‘Sleep No More’ as an immersive drama, which is different from traditional theatre. Immersive theatre is where the audience is invited to get involved in the events that are taking place, a little like Alice from Alice in Wonderland who follows a rabbit into a tree hole and into a dream. It's fun and intriguing, and would suit anyone who isn't a regular theatre go-er as well. q: Where do you hope to see Rue Agthonis in the next few years? a: I do hope that Rue Agthonis will end up in the wardrobes of people similar to myself, who are theatre lovers and who appreciate the cross over between that and of fashion. I hope my brand will reach the people who appreciate the joy and delight of my designs. q: Describe your brand in three words? a: Dramatic. Elegant. Modern. q: How did you find out about Curated Crowd? a: I was actually introduced by my PR agency to Curated Crowd. I felt that we had a similar love of sharing stories and experiences so it was an instant fit for me!
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Designer Spotlight - Rue Agthonis

Designer Ms. Syl has a very different background to most of our designers. She oringally graduated from the Performance Department of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, before going on to study art management and costume design in Parsons School of Design in New York. That is where she found her true passion and set up her own brand - Rue Agthonis.

Her love of theatre and films is what mainly inspires her designs. They incorporate elements of boldness and vibrancy into it to create one of a kind designs that are full of life.

Curated Crowd as a brand is constantly trying to combine fashion with other artsy elements, such as art, interior, and the realms of theatre and film. Theatre and film is a lot like the fashion industry, it is evolving and ever-changing along with trends. It therefore makes sense that Ms. Syl takes inspiration from that.

We are proud to have such an incredibly unique brand with us, and we hope you enjoy her designs as much as we do!

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