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Cotton & Linen Essentials

One of our latest arrivals, Molimol, is a Columbian brand that specialises in outstanding cotton and linen pieces that are ideal for the trans-seasonal weather. What is it about them that makes them stand out and what was the initial idea behind the brand?


q: When did you decide that designing was going to be a career for you? a: All my life, I have been passionate about fashion and the art of dressing, I have dedicated my life to the women's fashion trade. About 10 years ago in the Colombian Caribbean, I made the decision to create a brand with a defined identity, with a balance between classic and contemporary, inspired by the feminine, elegant, intuitive women and with a conscious soul that values the authenticity, comfort and versatility of garments that lasts over time. q: What is it about the materials linen and cotton that attracts you? a: The main reason is that it is made from sustainable fibres. Scientifically, it is a near perfect textile, especially linen, as it has that particularity of cold touch, it has resistance to heat and is also biodegradable. q: What was the inspiration for your current collection? a: I was inspired by Eloisa, who was my grandmother. She was a unique woman, sensitive but self-confident, persevering and determined. This was how this collection was created with the conviction that its name would cross borders. q: Can you tell us about your design process? a: The creative process varies in each collection. With Eloísa, it was an enriching, sensitive and loving process that began with the choice of that character, who was my grandmother and the place where she lived, which was a town near the city where I live. That is where the women of her time found elegance in the authentic and natural environment, it was a simple life without excesses. Finding myself close to this allowed me to get to know their characteristics and attitudes. The photographs that captured the landscapes provided a backdrop to the narrative. Later, in the Valledupar workshops, where I handle all my productions for several years, the images were transformed to linens, lace, cottons and drills. q: What do you think sets Molimol apart from other brands? a: We are a 100% Colombian brand. Molimol's workforce is made up of strong women, who are heads of households with hearing disabilities in the city of Valledupar. This means that most garments can become part of the wardrobe of any women, and yet another way to make fashion more environmentally friendly. The Molimol women are aware of themselves and the environment; they think about the sustainability of the planet and want to make smart purchases. We take care of every detail of our garments with sophistication and delicacy to maintain our unique aesthetic and distinguish ourselves as a brand. q: Are you working on a new collection at the moment? a: Of course! We are working on a collection full of love and reflection, called "The Reflections Of The Soul".
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Designer Spotlight - Molimol

Trans-seasonal weather from Summer to Autumn is one of our favourite times of the year. It allows you so much freedom in terms of outfit choices, you can easily mix Summer items with Autumn ones, like shorts and a shirt with a long trench coat. Trans-seasonal weather also means unstable weather, which makes cotton and linen the ideal materials to be wearing at this time, which brings us to one of our favourite brands of the season - Molimol.

Molimol is a 100% Columbian brand that specialises in beautiful cotton and linen pieces that will stand the test of time. Their designs are simple and elegant, focusing on everyday wear pieces that could also be dressed up with a pair of heels and some jewellery.

Inspired by her grandmother's confidence and determination and where she grew up in the city of Valledupar, Molimol is all about bringing people together, empowering women and making sustainable fashion more widespread around the world. Providing a fair trade to the strong, independent women who are working for them is also a vital part of their company ethos, as without them, Molimol would cease to exist.

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