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The Colours Of The Rainbow - Maviada

A burst of colour and vibrancy is what we need right now. Maviada's jewellery takes us on a journey to the Aegean coast of Turkey and the turquoise seas of the Mediterranean. Come find out with us how founder, Eda Elbirlik, takes her journey from Endodontics to jewellery design.


q: Where does the name Maviada come from? a: The name Maviada means blue island in Turkish, which goes hand in hand with the inspired effect we want out of our pieces. Jewellery that makes you feel good, really good, like vacation good: happy, carefree, relaxed and of course, with high glamour and sophistication, and a touch of playfulness. We are based out of the fantastic city of London, with designs that are inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean. The jewellery showcases a sense of understated glamour and playful elegance, while offering versatile, high quality, everyday luxury. The world has changed with this pandemic and casual luxe is the new style going forward and our jewellery fits in perfectly with this new world order. We believe in dressing up and down with our jewellery. It is meant to be worn on a daily basis. q: What initially drew you to jewellery design? a: I have always loved jewellery. Even when I was a little girl, I would always gravitate to my Mother’s fabulous jewellery, try things on and was mesmerised by the sparkle of her gemstones. My parents instilled the importance of the Arts to me from an early age. My parents taught me the significance of attention to detail, the beauty of everyday objects and the appreciation for colour and balance in life. Even though I eventually studied Dentistry (Specialising Endodontics), jewellery was never far removed from my mind. I practiced for many years and when we moved to London in 2009 with my family, I decided this was the time to change my career path. I studied Jewellery Design at GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and Central Saint Martins in London and founded Maviada in April 2016. The rest is history as they say... The world is changing so fast, especially through ethical sustainability and we couldn’t agree more. All of our jewellery is crafted only from the best quality, ethically sourced gems from environmentally focused gemstones businesses. As the sustainability green movement grows ever bigger, we feel our brand is heading in the direction of this global movement. Next year, we will be incorporating recycled gold into our pieces. It is time for the fine jewellery industry to change as well. q: What are your main inspirations for creating these beautiful pieces? a: My inspiration for a Maviada collection comes from many sources, but mainly, my summer holidays on the Aegean coast in Turkey. The blue green turquoise sea waters of the Mediterranean were, and continue to be, a calming influence on me and help me balance my life accordingly. From the soothing colours of the sea, the silver green hues of the olive trees, the bright, multi-coloured glow of the ceramic tiles — they all add to and influence my design concepts for each collection. I can start with a basic idea, or with my vision for our ideal client; a woman who is discerning, knows who she is, and what she wants. She wants contemporary, fresh design, one that mimics her modern dynamic style, while fitting into her ever so busy lifestyle. We look at the current and past direction of trends in every sector — fashion, architecture, design, nature, really everything around us, and try to apply them to create a classical, discreet elegance, into our pieces. Colour is finally getting more and more popular. After such a difficult global period, everyone wants colour and happy jewellery. We hope this will continue to be in demand. q: Can you tell us a little about your design process? a: At Maviada we aim to have the finest collection of ethically sourced gems you will find anywhere. We know where they come from and the conditions of the cutting factories. We are constantly striving for the best quality stones and making sure our sources adhere to humane work conditions that not only benefit the mining artisan communities from which they are sourced but that also consider the impact on the environment. One of our key gemstone dealers is a Women led business which we believe is so important and we feel strongly in support. Our 18k Vermeil Collection, with our richly hued coloured gemstones, are entirely handmade (lab created) which we think is a very good ethical choice, to save our environment. Not to be confused with faux stones, these gems have all the gemological properties of mined stones, but none of the ethical and environmental implications. We are seeing that this is becoming more and more important, especially to the younger generation. Our 18k Solid gold Collection, mostly, uses natural stones of the highest quality. Both Collections are ethically sourced form reliable environmentally focused gemstones businesses. We believe lab grown diamonds will be the next step, but as of yet, have not switched over to this growing industry. The personal vision behind each jewel is thought out, hand-drawn on paper, and then adjusted to what works. Once the design is right, each piece is hand-finished, giving it a characteristic human touch and exhibiting the centuries old craftsmanship that gives our pieces a unique emotional value. You know that the workmanship on these pieces has been passed down from generation to generation in our workshops. We are not a mass produced jewellery brand. We always want to give our clients that special personal touch. q: What led you to end your journey in New York and move to London? a: I loved living in New York – what a fantastic city. It was really hard to leave. I, actually, first moved to Washington DC from New York, for 16 years – set up a private practice in the field of Endodontics and had a thriving successful dental practice, but we really wanted to move to Europe. My husband is from Switzerland and he wanted to raise our children in a European environment and London was the perfect fit for us. He had a great offer for a job in London and we decided it was the perfect opportunity to move the family, before the kids were too old. We now consider London our home and find it to be the best city for us as a multi- cultural international family. Our children speak multi languages and thrive on London’s social and cultural scene, as we do. q: Has travelling around the globe given you a different perspective as a person or as a designer? a: I have always found travel to be one of the great fortunes one can have. I am extremely fortunate enough to be surrounded by our multi-cultural family in Switzerland, Turkey and the United States. Our family now have four cultures to relate to (British being the fourth) and we find ourselves so privileged to be able to relate, travel and learn from these cultures. London is also such a cosmopolitan city where everyone just blends in, wherever they are from. It is the norm here. That has greatly affected me as a person, my choices in life and even my designs. q: What’s next for Maviada? a: We have had such good press this year – to be featured in FT- How to Spend it was a dream, then came features in Wallpaper, Tatler, The Telegraph by the stylish Virginia Chadwycke- Healey – it has been such an honour to see that we are getting noticed and clients are excited about our Collections. We are so thrilled to be working with Curated Crowd and their stylish brand. We have the same values and vision, so it makes it very easy to work together. We love their concept and brand. We hope you enjoy shopping our jewellery in their gorgeous boutique and online site. We are also in talks with a very well-known luxury department Store in London – fingers crossed you will see our jewellery there very soon.
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Designer Spotlight - Maviada

Designing the perfect jewellery is certainly a skill that Eda Elbirlik has. Maviada, meaning 'Blue Island' in Turkish is a demi-fine and fine jewellery brand that captures the beautiful colours of her inspiration, the Aegean Coast and the Mediterranean Sea. Her aim is to create a feel-good brand that adds a touch of glamour, sophistication and playfulness to your style.

With an ever-changing world, especially in the past year, Eda thought it was crucial that brands learn to adapt and put sustainability into practice. Each Maviada piece is made from carefully selected materials and from ethically sourced gemstones.

Bring on the summer vibrancy with Maviada's beautiful collection. Available online and in store.


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