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Bringing The Latin Soul To You - Concepcion Miranda

Concepción Miranda is more than just aesthetics, it is about building a community of people who share the same values and beliefs. How did that journey start? Come with us as we discover more about them and their brand ethos.


q: How would you describe the style of Concepción Miranda? a: Concepción Miranda's style is powerful, elegant and fine, with lovely details to enhance the natural beauty and show the strength of being a woman. q: How did the brand start and what was the initial idea? a: The brand started with Nathalia following a dream to create a beautiful, Latin inspired brand. She wanted a successful brand to pave the way into giving opportunities to her collaborators and most importantly, to allow women to become empowered and entrepreneurs. q: If you could pick one style to wear, which design would it be? a: We have many favourites, and it's very hard to pick just one, we love them all! But one of our favourite styles is the Andrea Dress. It is very romantic, fresh and versatile. You are able to wear it for different occasions, from the day into the night. q: Can you tell us about your design process? a: Every design process is very special, intimate and unique for us. We firstly create some initial ideas so we can find a baseline for our collection, and then from there we move on to our colour palette, outfits designs, silhouettes, patterns and finally the details of each garment. q: What are your main sources of inspiration? a: We have so many sources of inspiration as we are both very passionate souls. But mostly, we try to connect the process of creating with our very own thoughts, beliefs and experiences. q: Giving back and fair trade play big parts in your brand ethos, why is that? a: Fair trade is very important to us - it is one of the major ethos' behind the brand. We are truly grateful to have been given the opportunity to provide not only income but also create growth amongst all our collaborators and their families. This is to help them to have a better life. We believe that the energy, happiness and love that we put into our team and the production process is what makes our company work so well. Everyone involved in Concepcion Miranda play a big part in the story behind the final touch of each garment. q: How did you come across working with us? a: We spontaneously found each other through Instagram. It was the perfect moment and opportunity to work with Curate Crowd. We are extremely happy to be part of your platform.
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Designer Spotlight - Concepcion Miranda

When we finally got Concepcíon Miranda on board, we were so excited! We've never had a brand like them before so we were eager to share them with the world and of course, with our loyal customers.

Concepcíon Miranda, much like Curated Crowd, are part of a bigger community. What that means is that they are not just about producing beautiful, aetheitically pleasing pieces, but also about giving back to the community and providing support to those around them. This is what we've been striving for since Curated Crowd began - to create a platform that unites people of different backgrounds, but of similar beliefs, into the same space, and Concepcíon Miranda does just that.

Their brand is inspired by the Latin soul that surrounds them, giving you that South American flavour with their ruffle details and puffed sleeves. But 'What makes them so special?' you may ask? Everything is customisable! That's right, absolutely everything! From the colour to the pattern, all you need to do is choose, and that piece is uniquely yours.

Why not customise your own now?

| Each design of theirs on our website comes with a palette card. If you would like to customise, please specify in order notes or email us directly to order |

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