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Atelier Handmade - Linen Is Everything

Handmade in Ukraine, Atelier Handmade is the brand of the summer. Having only used organic linen, each piece is a token of gratitude to nature. They are strong advocates for creating wardrobes that don't need constant updating. Come find out more from the founder herself, Anastasiya Yershova.


q: Sustainability is something that you strive for as a brand - why is it so important to you? a: I think, especially in the world we live in, everybody should be more conscious about sustainability. My brand is a representation of who I am, I care about environmental problems and live a sustainable lifestyle. q: Why have you chosen linen as your main material? a: Linen is not only eco-friendly and sustainable but also a durable, hypoallergenic and breathable material. Linen is known as one of the strongest fibres, the strength of the fibre directly contributes to the strength of the fabric the garment is made of. Thus, linen clothing are very long-lasting. q: Where do you source your linen from? a: We work with Ukrainian suppliers, the country is well known for its agricultural sector and also, high quality flax is mostly grown in Western Ukraine. q: What inspires you as a person and as a designer? a: Travelling! Seeing different parts of the world and discovering new cultures. q: Where is the best place to wear your designs? a: Any place by the sea! You can never go wrong with linen. Packing it in your suitcase for a vacation in the sun :) q: Where would you ideally like to see Atelier Handmade in the next 5 years? a: It gives me a lot of joy to meet girls in Mykonos, Italian coast or Côte d’Azur wearing Atelier Handmade. But for now there are not many places they can buy it in Europe. The dream is to have a shop or a corner in every beach destination around Europe in the next 5 years and hopefully we can expand borders later on :)
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Designer Spotlight - Atelier Handmade

Did you know that linen is an ancient sustainable fabric made from the stem of the flax plant. It requires less water to grow, it is naturally moth resistant, and gets stronger with every wash. Being an organic fabric, it is breathable and when untreated, entirely biodegradable. How amazing is that? That is exactly why Anastasiya Yershova, founder of Atelier Handmade has chosen this incredibly durable fabric as her main material. Anastasiya herself lives a very eco-conscious life so she wants this element reflected in her brand.

Atelier Handmade pieces are made for those warm summer days by the seaside, with the breeze flowing through the linen. They're all easy throw-on pieces that are effortlessly cool, suitable for women from all walks of life.

Dreamy right? We think so too.


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